Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Go home 2016, you're drunk

I had a post scheduled for today but in the light of the presidential election results, I didn't really feel like posting it.
This morning I woke up to the news that it was very likely that Donald Trump was going to be the president of the USA. There was also snow in Yorkshire, leading me to believe that hell has actually frozen over.
First of all let me say a disclaimer - I'm by no means a political expert, as many people have felt the need to point out. BUT I am a human and at the end of the day I care about world affairs. Many people have also said to me 'You're British, why do you care so much?' and when I'm asked that all I can think is 'How can you not care?'. It may not directly affect us as a country but as the UK and the USA have strong ties, we will probably feel it in some way or another.

Eight years ago the world had hope. The first black president was elected and he had plans and ideas on how to move America forward. Some may not have agreed with his policies but as an outsider looking in, he did a lot more good than bad.

I know that Hilary Clinton wasn't the perfect democratic nominee but at least she had experience to fill the role. She's been a lawyer, a senator, the secretary of state...She was even the first lady for Pete's sake! How can a politically inexperienced businessman -  that has been bankrupt more than once, believes global warming is a hoax and thinks sexually assaulting women is okay - be in charge of the USA?

America appear to have made their choice and I suppose you never know, he could be an okay president but personally I feel that America may have taken a step backwards. To me, Donald Trump winning shows that it's okay to hate on others wether it's because of their sex, skin colour or religion and that's not cool.

I guess that's all I have to say on the matter for now but I'll finish with this:

When the UK voted in favour of Brexit hate crime's increased by 41% - I just hope the citizens of the USA take note of that by staying safe and looking out for others.

I think the world has some interesting months ahead...

Much love.