Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A Skinnydip Haul

skinny dip london
Good morning guys! Today I have a very pink, Skinnydip haul for you to feast your eyes on.

I missed out on the last Skinnydip x The Simpsons collection cos I was in London so when I got an e-mail telling me about their next collaboration, I was all over it. I didn't go too crazy, only ordering my two favourite items from the collection, but I couldn't resist a super sparkly non Simpsons purse (that was on sale by the way) to match it all.

Wanna learn more about what I bought? Read on!
Skinnydip London: Moe Pillow Make Up Bag

Skinnydip London: Moe Pillow Make Up Bag
Moe Make Up Bag £16.00
I definitely did not need another make up bag but I couldn't resist this little beauty. I daren't put it in my everyday bag out of fear it will be coated in pen stains and crumbs so it's going to be saved for best (ie holidays). Embroidered Moe is lovely and it is actually a little pillow - great for on the go naps.

skinnydip london: Patti & Selma Fur Clutch Bag

skinnydip london: Patti & Selma Fur Clutch Bag
Erm yeah so I didn't mean to buy this bag but when the restock notification dropped in my inbox I'd put it in my basket and paid for it before I even knew what was happening. To be honest I'm not sure if I'm edgy or cool enough to pull this off but I love the shocking pink fur and Patti & Selma are made out of great quality material.

skinnydip london: 2016 Purse
2016 Purse £7.50
My love for glittery things continues with the purchase of this purse. It was on sale for £7.50 so I thought it would be rude not to but it. It's loose glitter so it's probably another item that I won't be using full time but it will be perfect for date nights with Jody when I don't really fancy taking a bag but want to jazz up an outfit.

Are you a fan of Skinnydip London? Or do you think they're overrated?

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