Sunday, 6 November 2016

20 twenty-something obsessions

20 twenty-something obsessions

Hey! Today I have a basic bitch '20 things that all 20 something's love' list for you. I know, I know there are a trillion of these on the internet but meh, this one's mine.

Have a read and if you think any of these apply to you let me know in the comments.

Kylie Jenners lips...and bum...and hair...Basically anything Kylie Jenner.

Getting the perfect photo of your takeaway coffee cup cos if you didn't instagram it, did it even happen?

New York, New York, the city so nice they named it twice.

Finding the perfect matte lipstick that doesn't dry out and end up resembling a cat's bum.

Instagram. Instagram. Instagram.

Crime dramas and documentaries. You could probably be a detective with the amount of shows you watch.

Making plans to become a domestic goddess who bakes and cooks from scratch then giving up cos you can't be arsed to go get all the ingredients from the shop. Takeaway anyone?

Michael Kors watches and bags. Not for me but everyone I know between the ages of 20 and 29 has one or both.

Perfecting our winged eyeliner. Why does one always look catwalk worthy while the other just looks drunk?

Our eyebrows. When did we get so obsessed with eyebrows?

Mean Girls. The movie that defined our high school years. Still a must watch 12 years on.

White bedrooms with copper and marble accents with a few strings of fairylights hung up to jazz things up a bit.

The late 90's/early 00's...Turns out we love talking about that pre internet life.

Primark bedding, Primark pajamas, Primark Primark Primark <3 <3 <3

Quay sunglasses. Although most of us mere mortals look like flies when we wear them. *Insert sad face here*

Autumn. I dunno what it is but us 20 somethings go bat crap cray for Autumn. Maybe it's because all the glittery things start to be released in the shops and we can buy cute new bobble hats for the changing weather?

Hygge. Turns out I've been living that hygge life for as long as I can remember, who knew?

ASOS. Especially when they have a sale on.

Lush. Is it because the products are so Instagram friendly or because they're actually amazing?

Candles. All the candles. They appear on every single twenty something list you see and that's for good reason - WE LOVE EM.


  1. 'end up resembling a cat's bum.' pahahaa! Too true! The Rimmel The Only 1 Matte lipsticks don't resemble that, FYI - they're my new favourite lippy, especially the one in High Flyer.
    As for the coffee cup picture, yes, I agree! In the end if I don't manage to get a decent enough picture to post, I actually end up sulking...

    Kayleigh x

  2. You got me at Kylie Jenner, matte lipstick and Instagram there. :D

    1. haha I don't know what it is about Kylie, but we just love her (or love to hate her, depends on how you look at it!) x

  3. That matte lipstick one YES!!