Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #35

harry potter pumpkin

I don't celebrate Halloween as I'm definitely more of a Christmas kinda gal but look at this cute little pumpkin I came across in Sainsburys - How cool is that?

This week's not been the most exciting as I've been far too busy adulting (i.e working and sleeping a lot) so this isn't really a catch up post, more of a Sunday favourites...Enjoy!

The Missing
Season one of The Missing (starring James Nesbitt) had me hooked but I think I definitely prefer this season. Lindsay Denton AKA Keeley Hawes is just the shit, no matter what part she's playing. Series One was really dark but I have a feeling that this one might be even more so, especially after this week's episode...I just hope it doesn't end in such a soul crushing way like the first season did.

My Dad wrote a Porno
I've seen people recommending this podcast left, right and centre for a while now and for ages I put off listening to it because I thought it sounded crap. I will now hold my hands up and say I was very, very wrong. Basically, Jamie Morton's dad wrote an erotic novel so Jamie and his friends (Alice Levine and James Cooper), decided to read it aloud for the whole world to hear. It's fantastic, often sending me into giggle fits at my desk.

Festive Flake Cakes
Festive flake cakes are one of my all time favourite snacks and it's that time of year where I have easy access to them YAY! Sadly the local Morrisons hasn't started to stock them just yet so I sent my Mum and Sister on a flake cake hunt for me and they delivered. They're absolutely delicious and it's so easy to demolish a full packet but I've managed to control far.

The C word
The way I see it is that once tomorrow is over and done with, I can go into full on Christmas elf mode - Especially as I didn't get to enjoy the season last year. I've already started buying presents, I have a loads of posts planned for Blogmas and I AM READY! Jingle bells, jingle bells...

Planning next years adventures
Apart from a few trips to Scotland, Jody and I have been really harsh on ourselves since we got home, staying in and saving all the money that we can. I took it upon myself to start planning some adventures for next year and now all I need to do is persuade Jody that of course we can afford a couple of European breaks as well as our trip to Vegas and NYC.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend and have a wonderful week!

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