Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #34

alright blondie
 Ahh another week done and dusted. That Smonday feeling is slowly setting in and another working week looms ahead. Let's talk about this week just gone eh?

Another New Look
I redesigned my blog a while ago and at first it was okay but I soon fell out of love with it. It looked unprofessional, messy and it just wasn't very inspiring. I decided to go back to blogger fave Pipdig for my new layout and I love it. Grey is one of my favourite colours, it looks clean and it feels uber professional. I've got a bazillion new ideas for content that I need to write and take photos for so the fresh wave of inspiration combined with the new layout feels a bit like a new start for Alright Blondie.

Sons of Anarchy
Jody started watching SOA without me as I'd already given it a go and couldn't get into it. When he started season 2 all that changed and I was hooked. We smashed through seasons 2&3 and then we just stopped watching it for no apparent reason....Until now. We're both fully invested (again) and we're hoping to finish series 4 this eve.

Bloody Ikea Furniture
I spent the best part of today setting up a Brimnes bookcase (£55) with Jody - I'm happy to report that we didn't kill each other whilst doing so -  and it looks really good. We've had a huge declutter and have rearranged all the furniture so now the room feels a lot bigger and cleaner, yay! Next weekend's project is some Malm drawers so there's still time for us to fall out over flatpack furniture.

And there we have it, enjoy your week!


  1. I built some Malm drawers last week, set aside a lot of time and maybe buy some chocolate!


    1. Oh god haha that doesn't sound good! xx