Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #33

alright blondie breakfast
Good evening campers and welcome to another sunday catch up! Shall we get on with it?
I bought my first Christmas present!
Sorry for using the C word so soon but I bought my first Christmas present this week. My sister wanted some Marc Jacobs perfume and it just so happened to be on offer when she told me about it. It's quite pricey normally so obviously I snapped it up straight away. I don't have that many people to buy for at Christmas time but I like to get people what they want, rather than surprising them - Is that boring?

Breakfast with Daddyo.
I haven't spent much time with my Dad lately 'cos whenever I go to their house he always seems to be out and about. On Sunday we went to a local pub/restaurant for a posh brekkie and it was really good. I seriously need to start going out for breakfast more but my bed is too cosy.

Brrr it's cold in here.
Err it can't just be me who's noticed that it's gone really cold of a sudden? I mean, I'm always cold so there's no change there but now I'm freezing all the time. I've had to buy a thick sheepy blanket, I've dug my onesies out and the heating's on most nights. And it's only October! #PrayForSnow.

A Stressful Sunday
As we are going to be in our bedroom for a while yet we decided it was time to spruce it up a bit and buy some new furniture, New furniture means a trip to Ikea hurrah! Well no, it was not hurrah 1) It was chucking it down and we could barely see the motorway and 2) the Ikea car park was like a free for all. It was a quick get in get out job but we did come home with a new bookcase and a chest of drawers so it wasn't a wasted trip...I'm so wild I know.

And there you have it...Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoy the upcoming week!

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