Monday, 10 October 2016

The Little Things #1

I'm not kidding when I say this white chocolate and rsaberry cheesecake is the best thing I've ever tasted.
Recently I've found that I'm letting everything get on top of me and if I were to describe my mod over the last few months it would be fed up. If I'm honest with myself all of this worrying and stressing I've been doing has been quite unecessary and all I've got from it is a massive red spot in the middle of my forehead.
Instead of focusing on the small things that are causing me trouble I'm going to focus on the little things that make life great like...
Getting out of the car in the dark and being able to see all the stars.
When a song comes on the radio/shuffle that you love but haven't heard in ageeeeees.
That first bite of a meal or a dessert that's better than you ever imagined, so good that you do that little 'OMG MMM' sigh.
When people start laughing and can't stop.
An ice cold can of Pepsi.
Making my baba niece smile and giggle.
Waking up when your alarm goes off feeling totally alert, no sleepiness remaining.
Listening to the rain on the windows whilst you're all snug and toasty in bed.
When you look at the work clock at 2pm and then look again and it's 4.30pm.

Getting both eyeliner wings perfect first time.

Getting to pet a really happy dog in the street/Seeing dogs hanging out of car windows #LovingLife
Receiving parcels, especially ones that you've forgotten about.
What makes you happy?

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