Friday, 14 October 2016

Six Reasons to start using Instagram Stories

When Snapchat first came to my attention in 2013 I loved it - Sending ridiculous photos to my friends with doodles and words? Yes Please. The trend soon died down though until this year (or last year? I'm not sure) when Snapchat seemed to explode again and now everyone's profile photos feature dog noses and flower crowns.

I struggled to get on board second time around to be honest and I had to ask my sister for a crash course so I could find the silly filters. After a couple of days having fun with the ever changing effects, I soon got bored again and gave up on Snapchat.

Then Instagram introduced a new feature - Stories.

When I first heard about it I thought it sounded like a crappy Snapchat knock off but once I dipped my toe in, that was it and now I'm hooked.
instagram stories
If you haven't already starting using stories, here are a couple of reasons to do so -
It's ridiculously easy to use.
When you are on your scrolling feed, swipe right and a camera screen will pop up. Take your photo and swipe left to go through the filters. Then you can add text, colour and emojis. You can rotate the writing and make it bigger using your fingers. Easy peasy right? Right!
Everyone you like already follows you.
Rather than having to individually add and accept people like you do on Snapchat, everyone you like is (hopefully) already following you on Insta which is a lot easier than finding out user names. It's just more convenient if you're like me and you're lazy.

It's a lot more fun than Snapchat.
I got bored of the Snapchat filters quite quickly and I don't even know if you can use emoji's on there but with Stories it's really easy to customise your photos and add your own spin to them. I particularly love the neon pen effect.
It's very 'raw' if you know what I mean.
I'm gunna sound like a total stalker here but people are very selective over what actually makes it on to their Instagram feeds. Stories feels a lot more natural and spontaneous, giving you a glimpse 'behind the scenes' of the lives of the people you follow.

Meaning there's less pressure on you to provide amazing content.
I'm one of those people who will only post something to Instagram if it's perfect and a lot of people are the same. With stories you can just put whatever up without feeling like you're messing up your feed because it's gone within 24 hours.

It's the perfect place to post your food snaps!
People always seem to get annoyed when people post photos of food (I don't personally) and quite often it's hard to get a good photo of your meal (crap lighting and that). Stories is the perfect place to share a photo of your badly lit dinner as noone is expecting it to be professional quality.

Have I convinced you to use Instagram Stories yet? Or are you already using it?

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