Monday, 17 October 2016

Tips on how to survive living at home as a 20 something couple.

 Many twenty somethings are living at home these days, hoping that by squeezing in with Mum and Dad they will be able to save the dreaded 10% needed for a mortgage deposit. I'm no exception but rather than living with my parents, I've been living with Jody's and whilst it's not the worst situation, it isn't the best either so here's how I handle it.

1. Take advantage of when they leave the house.
I don't mean this in a nudge nudge wink wink way (but if you want to interpret it that way, go wild!). I mean it in a *get out of your room, watch a movie in the living room, cook a slap up meal without anyone else getting in the way* kind of way. Being able to move around the house freely really helps when you live with parents so encourage them to go out as much as possible.

2. Try and retain as much of your independence as possible.
Some people live at home and their parents do nothing for them but Jody's parents only work part time so they have a lot of time spare to do washing and cook tea. Don't get me wrong it's really nice when you've had a rough day but sometimes you just want to wash your own pants. Keeping as much of your independence as possible ensures that you don't become a lazy bum and you feel like a verified adult.

3. Spend a bit of money sprucing up your bedroom.
You are essentially renting a room (if you have to pay rent) so you may aswell make it your own. When I moved into Jody's it was very much a boys room decorated by his parents, but it's slowly becoming ours, rather than his, complete with brightly coloured bedding and a shit tonne of candles.

4. Don't be driven out of the house by your feelings.
Basically, when your parent's start to get on your tits, don't be driven out of the house and into the pub or the shops - You're strying to save remember. Keep your cool and if you have to leave the house, go for a nice walk or a drive and leave your bank card at home. Don't let your emotional state affect your bank balance.

5. Always be nice and polite
Wether you live with your parents or your partners, you should always be on your best behavior. At the end of the day they have let you back into their home to do you a favour, when they should really be relishing their freedom. If you're pleasant to be around, they will be pleasant to be around.
Do you still live at home? How are you finding it?


  1. I definitely couldn't live at home, and I certainly couldn't live with his parents - I need my space! I have so much respect for people who can live at home but it's just not for me. And (un?)fortunately our circumstances don't allow it. Sure, I'd love to save more but for us it's just not worth it! x

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    1. Living at home is really hard and after a year of travelling independently it's even harder but I spose sacrifices have to be made. I don't blame you for not wanting to live at home, you have to do what's best for you and your relationship :) x

  2. I still live at home, without a partner though. I've never lived out and I can imagine transitioning back is difficult, but a good way to save the $$!

    1. I don't blame people for wanting to live at home, it's just so pricy to buy your own property these days! x