10 things I’ve realised since coming home from my travels

john forrest national park

1. Family is number one.
Sometimes I really missed my family, sometimes they never crossed my mind (sorry guys) but whilst we were away they were our number one fans, always skyping, always messaging, always liking photos. Coming home was no different and they were so so happy to see us. The novelty’s kind of worn off now but they were so amazing whilst we were away that I won’t forget that for a long time.

2. Nobody really cares that you spent a year away having the time of your life sorry.
Your family might have wanted to know every single thing you did and every place you went but apart from them, chances are noone else will be that arsed. Sure when you get home your mates will ask you questions but expect that to wear off within a couple of weeks if not days. You’re more likely to get a positive reaction out of a complete stranger.

3. Nothing really changes & everyone stays the same.
When we knew we were coming home we often wondered if things would have changed. Spoiler alert, they haven’t changed at all and I have literally slotted straight back into be my pre-travel life, which I didn’t really expect.

4. ‘Normal’ Life will never feel the same again.
After doing some unreal things (e.g Campervanning through the outback, climbing a mountain, seeing great white sharks) coming home and working Mon-Fri 9-5 still feels a bit weird, even now, 9 months on. When it pops up on Facebook that this time last year I was hiking through a national park or whale watching on the coast, my time away just feels like a dream. It’s like I’ve never been away.

5. You will constantly find yourself checking flight prices.
You would think a year away would cure your wanderlust but nope, if anything it just makes it work. Hence why I spontaneously booked flights to Vegas and NYC for 2017 despite saving for a mortgage….I have to have something to look forward too don’t I?

6. Dogs never forget.
I was so worried that my dogs wouldn’t know who I was when I got home but hurrah, they came running up to me to say hello. Alfie whined for a cuddle, Stella had a stroke then went back to her chair and Boo pissed on me. Aww puppy love.

7. North Yorkshire is reeeeeally nice.
I loved Bali and Thailand but jesus christ, some parts were rough (And the streets stank). There was even a couple of places in Australia that I was a bit wary of. Despite there being quite a few nobheads in my city, the city itself is actually beautiful as is the surrounding areas.

8. Nothing beats British chocolate
Australian chocolate is absolutely shite (although they do have Crust pizza). It tastes like it’s gone off or melted then re-hardened up. Yuck. Going into the Kings Cross WH Smith was amazing, despite being extortionate (Jody thought I’d gotten lost I was browsing for that long).

9. I’m a much better person now and I’ve (sort) of grown up.
I spose there’s not a lot to explain here is there? I’m not nearly as much of a dickhead as I was before I left and I like myself a lot more for it.

10. There will always be days where you feel like saying fuck it and going on a new adventure.
Sometimes I’ll have a shit day, Jody’s parents will be getting on my tits and it’ll be pissing down for the millionth time that week and I’ll just think to myself, why the hell am I wasting my time saving for a mortgage when there’s so much world out there? They’re only momentary blips and I don’t have any plans to travel long term ever again but I imagine it will take a while for that feeling of ‘Fuck this shit’ to totally leave me.


  • Joanne Amarisa

    26/10/2016 at 1:40 pm

    Awesome post! SO loved reading this, your writing is on point. You're really lucky to be so well-traveled though! (I agree on the British chocolate thing, haha.)
    I adore your blog, your posts are so good! I'd love if we can follow each other maybe? Do let me know! <3 Have a good rest of the week.

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

    1. Alrightblondie

      27/10/2016 at 11:42 am

      Haha thank you so much! xx

  • Natalie

    26/10/2016 at 9:52 pm

    I agree so much with 2-7! Especially the part about the dog; that was honestly the best part of coming home.

    nat // dignifiable

    1. Alrightblondie

      27/10/2016 at 11:41 am

      Honestly, I was soooo worried that my dogs would have forgotten me and I nearly cried when they came running up to me. xx

  • Claire Pearce

    27/10/2016 at 6:52 pm

    I totally agree on point 5 regarding saving for a mortgage but still needing things to look forward too; if you haven't yet visited Vegas and NYC, you'll LOVE them!! 🙂

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