Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Perfect Night In

yankee candles
It's no secret among the people that know me that I'm quite happy to stay at home instead of going out drinking and if it wasn't for Jody being a social butterfly I probably wouldn't see anybody for months at a time. 
With September coming around I have the sudden urge to hibernate so I've been staying in a lot more lately, cuddling up under the duvet and spending my Saturday nights laughing at the terrible X Factor auditions (I vote that Sunday's show is dedicated to just the bad auditions - Who's with me?).

I actually quite enjoyed doing my bank holiday photo diary (you can check it out here) as it was a way of documenting the normal and appreciating the little things. No whistles or bells, just what I got up too. So today I thought I would share my perfect Saturday night in. Enjoy!
Obviously a cosy night in isn't complete without a couple of candles flickering away so I've started to rebuild my collection again - The two above are two new Yankee Candle additions: Fireside Treats is sweet and subtle whereas Soft Blanket is fresh and comforting. I have to be sly when I bring them into the house 'cos Jody doesn't really understand my candle obsession.
steak dinner
Friday night is takeaway night so on a Saturday we tend to make something ourselves - usually heavily meat and potato based. On this particular Saturday night we had medium rare steak, cheese and bacon loaded potato skins, garlic mayo and the most delicious Morrisons onion rings. Seriously they were lush, go find them.
As a tight Yorkshire lass I do love a bargain and these Superdrug facemasks are perfect. They cost 99p each (3 for 2 at the moment) and as you only need a thin layer, you get two uses out of them (one for me and one for Jody). This one smells really good and is super refreshing, leaving your skin nice and soft.

gu puddings
To top off an evening in, you have to have some form of chocolate dessert right? Gu puds aren't exactly cheap I know (£3), but they are just so good. We baked this souffl√© for 10 minutes and it was yummy and cakey on top and yummy and gooey in the middle.
I'm drooling just thinking about it.
After pudding it's time to retire to the bedroom, getting in my cosiest pyjamas and watching The Inbetweeners or The IT Crowd re-runs to fall asleep too. I got a new bed from Ebay a couple of months ago and I kid you not, it's like falling asleep on a cloud. Except I have a sweaty, snoring heap of a man sharing it with me.
So there you have it, my idea of a perfect night in. What's yours?

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