Glasgow 16.09.2016

glasgow street art
Argyle Street – How cool is this art that we came across?
Last weekend Jody and I hopped in the car and drove three and half hours North to Glasgow, Scotland. It was our third time in Scotland this year and the reason we went up there was to see our all time favourite band, The View (also for the third time this year).
The View were performing at the iconic Barrowland Ballroom, where greats such as Oasis, U2 and The Clash have played previously. It was a one off show in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their debut album ‘Hats Off To The Buskers’.
barrowland ballroom the view
People ask me all the time if it’s really worth going all the way to Scotland to see The View and are they really that good and my answer every time is yes.
I feel like I get my money’s worth every single time I go and see them. It’s a high energy, non stop show and I come out feeling a stone later from all the dancing and sweating I’ve done.
Also, as they are a Scottish band there is nothing like going to see them in Scotland. In England there fan base is fairly small so the gigs are never crazy busy but in Scotland they sell out and they are mental. 90% of the crowd know all the words and don’t stop moving until the band have left the stage.
It’s a lot of fun.
 barrowland ballroom
As for the rest of our trip, we were sadly on a limited budget so didn’t get to see much of Glasgow.
We found some pretty cool street art featuring elephants, sharks and walruses (I got photos don’t worry) and had a lovely tea at Sloans, Glasgow’s oldest bar and restaurant (apparently). The restaurant part of the bar was painted a really dark, rich read and fairy lights and candles really added to the cosy atmosphere. The food was pretty delicious too.
We stayed at the Merchant City Inn as it was cheap and it definitely exceeded expectations. We were on the fourth floor which nearly killed us after two hours of non stop jumping around but the room was tidy and the reception staff were lovely and helpful. The walls are paper thin though so if you are a light sleep maybe give it a miss.
glasgow street art
From what I saw of Glasgow it seemed like a pretty cool city with a lot to offer and I wish we had had more time and money to stay a bit longer.
Scotland is by far one of my favourite places out of everywhere I’ve been and it’s a shame more people don’t make the journey up there – It’s ridiculous how many of my friends have never been further North than Newcastle.
Have you been to Scotland? How do you feel about it?
barrowland ballroom ceiling
 The ceiling of the ballroom…Look at the stars!


barrowland ballroom selfie
Obviously we took a selfie whilst we were waiting…


glasgow street art
Street art on Argyle Street

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