Monday, 12 September 2016

How to stay in and save without losing your mind

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Staying and saving is pretty boring and if you were to stay in all weekend, without leaving the house, you would probably lose your mind. As I'm part sloth, lying around all weekend is kinda my thing but Jody hates it. He gets cabin fever if he doesn't get up and do something so this post is inspired by him and the activities we do to stop him going crackers. Here are a couple of the ways we use to try and beat the boredom.

Treat Yo'Self.
First of all you can't spend all weekend behind closed doors because as discussed, you will get cabin fever. Instead allocate yourself a set amount for the weekend (It doesn't have to be much, £20 quid should do it) and use that to treat yourself to something budget friendly. That can be a midnight McFlurry, a cinema trip, bowling, a cheap sit down meal OR use your budget to get a feast at the supermarket. Or just go splurge on some Lush bath bombs, a face mask and have a super long, super bubbly bath. No regrets.

Get outside and explore your own backyard.
Going outside on a nice long walk is great if you don't want to break the budget because the outdoors is free. I live in a beautiful area where you can walk to a couple of National Trust spots without having to go on any busy roads and there are loads of fields to cross over. Take a backpack with some food and water and you're on your way. Plus, if you walk far enough you will tucker yourself out and won't want to go out on the evening.

Unleash your creativity.
Wether you enjoy drawing, painting or knitting, arts/crafts/anything creative is a great way to while away the hours. Jody and I have found that when I'm drawing or blogging, it's the perfect time for him to practise his guitar skills (or y'know play on his PS4 or watch something boring). Hours can pass by without either of us even realising.

Do you find it easy to stay in and save? Or do you have to distract yourself with activities?


  1. Sometimes! My boyfriend and i spend a lot of our weekend doing cheap / free things, namely going outdoors for walks

    Nat // Dignifiable

  2. Sometimes! My boyfriend and i spend a lot of our weekend doing cheap / free things, namely going outdoors for walks

    Nat // Dignifiable

  3. I don't find it hard to stay in, in fact I kind of love it, but what I'm really bad at is keeping track of those little numbers that suddenly start to get very big. Things like treating myself to a coffe I don't think twice about, even though some weeks that adds up to be the equivelant of a new item of clothing! Every time I'm itching for a latte now I have to remind myself of that jumper I'm lusting after! So much so I've started pricing things up in coffees! That jumper for example is the equivelant of 10 small coffees (without cake)! Stephie xx

  4. Whenever I force myself to have a weekend in, I end up spending an absolute bomb online! Oops!

    Claudia xx

    1. I know same here to be honest. I always think well I've stayed in so I deserve a lil treat! x