Sunday, 4 September 2016

How to start Monday the right way

Excuse me for the sketchy as f*ck image, it was taken at work and the lighting is horrendous. Crumpets and Beans though MMMM.
Set an early alarm, just so you can turn it off and enjoy your bed for a bit longer.
If you normally get up at 7.30am, set an alarm for 6.30am. When it goes off you will hate it more than the devil BUT you will breathe a sigh of relief when you realise you still have an hour in bed. Use that hour to roll around in a doze, watch the news or scroll through Instagram...Just don't get out of bed.

Have a fabulous breakfast.
Just because you set a late alarm doesn't mean you should get out of bed late and be rushing around. Get up in time to have a cracking breakfast and it doesn't matter if it's a McDonalds, a full English or overnight oats and berries, just make sure you have some. You will start the day (and the week) off properly and be in a much better mood.

Spread compliments around like manure.
Like someone's shoes? Think their hair looks great? Think they smell fantastic? Tell them. They will feel good, you will feel good, EVERYONE WILL FEEL GOOD. Spreading a little love is never a bad thing, especially in times as dark as these so throw it around like fairy dust.

What do you do to get your week off to a good start?


  1. Ah crumpets! One of the best breakfast foods ever. I like to say hi to people at work on a Monday, even if I don't really know them it's nice to have that small friendly gesture.

    nat // dignifiable

    1. They are fabulous so delicious! I think having a good monday is all about having a positive mindset :)