Friday, 9 September 2016

5 things on my Bucket List


1. Learn how to knit
I know I'm such a Nanna, but I've tried and failed so many times to learn how to knit. I can cast on and do the first row and then after that I'm completely lost. Maybe it's time I asked someone for help instead of trying ot learn via Youtube.

2. Own a dog
Growing up I was always surrounded by dogs - big ones, little ones, soft ones, hairy ones - and I loved it. Jody and I's biggest shared ambition is to own our very own dog, ideally a Staffy or an English Bull Terrier. Preferably rescued.

3. Go on an African safari for my 30th birthday
For Jody's 30th he wants to go to the Maldives but for mine I want to go on safari. It's been a dream ever since I saw The Lion King and it's something that has never left me as I've grown up. It's not a cheap activity so definitely one for a big celebration.

4. Get fitter
I'm always banging on about how I want to get fitter and tone up but to tell you the truth Gwen, I'm as lazy as they come. I'm slowly coming around to the idea of a bit of exercise but I doubt I will ever love it.

5.  Spend a few weeks exploring Canada
I could have bombarded you with travel on this list but I decided to stick to just two. Canada is on here because it has so much to offer. Seeing Polar Bears and Orca's in the wild would be incredible and I would love to kayak on the blue lake in Banff National Park.

What's on your bucket list?

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