Friday, 30 September 2016

5 things I love about the Darker Nights and Cooler Weather

dark night yorkshire

1. Being able to wear my PJ's from the minute I get in at 5pm without feeling guilty.

2. Using 'it's too cold/dark/rainy' as an excuse to not doing anything after work or on a weekend.

3. Being able to get to sleep earlier as it's no longer light until 10/as hot as hell.

4. Not getting frowned at for my love of wearing black, as it's now cold and matches the season.

5. Finally being able to go back to my potato heavy diet and being able to eat all my favourite stodgy, drowning in gravy type meals.

What are your favourite things about the change of season? Or are you a Spring Summer kind of person?

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  1. My favourite thing is how fresh everything feels after Summer. I have this renewed back to school energy in September to get things done, and the clean air just fuels it! Stephie xx