Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #26

yorkshire sunset
Wasssup and welcome to another sunday catch up post. I'm not hungover this time around so hopefully it's a bit more coherent than last weeks post!

On Being Normal
I won't lie to you Gwen, this weeks not really something to shout about. It's just been you bog standard, go to work, watch TV, go to sleep, repeat kind of week. But I suppose that's real life isn't it? We aren't always going to restaurant openings or sunning it up on a beach in Thailand. The large majority of us have to work and save to you know, eat and buy stuff. It doesn't make for super exciting blogging but it's the truth I guess.

On The Shallows
Jody's obsessed with sharks and has been since he was a little kid so when he saw The Shallows trailer many moons ago, he was made up. After months of talking about it we finally went to the cinema today and it was actually ridiculously good. The shark was great (normally shark movies feature a terribly animated shark), it was super intense and Blake Lively looked amazing - Can you believe they shot the movie 8 months after she gave birth? That's a lot of dedication.

On Sweet Potato Fries
This week I decided to buy some sweet tateys and make some fries. I've never had them or made them before so it was a gamble but it definitely paid off and now they're my new fave thing. I like to spray them with Fry Light Garlic Oil and cook 'em for 20 mins and 200 degrees so they aren't too crunchy. Add some lightly spiced chicken and a touch of garlic mayo and you have the perfect, healthy work dinner. Sweet Potatoes count as one of your five a day aswell so WINNING.

On Watching a LOT of TV
We all know Jody and I watch a lot of TV, it isn't exactly a secret and this week has been no different. We've smashed through series one of Ballers (the one about American football players and starring The Rock) - It's an easy watch & I actually really like it. We're also on series one of Scandal from the QUEEN Shonda Rhimes and whilst I'm not completely sold yet (Olivia Pope is kind of annoying) I'm gunna persevere. Speaking of Shonda, I'm also really into How to get away with Murder - ITS AMAZING AND VIOLA DAVIS IS A GODDESS.

Hope you've had a great weekend and have a lovely week

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