Six things you have to do in Sydney


1. The Bondi – Coogee Walk

This is the one thing that was recommend to me by travellers, tourists and locals and every single one of them was right – It is a must do. I recommend you start in Coogee (it’s quieter) and pass through Clovelly, Bronte and Tamara before finishing up in Bondi and catching some rays at one of the world’s most well known beaches. It’s 6km’s long so make you wear some comfortable shoes, stock up on water and snacks and slap on plenty of suncream.

2. Get the ferry to Manly
You can pay like $50+ to go on a fancy boat (which usually includes food) but if you’re on a budget hop on the ferry at Sydney Harbour and head over to Manly. You get to see the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge up close (like you would on a posh boat), for the bargain price of like $2. If you have long hair tie it up, cos it’s pretty windy once you get going. Manly has an awesome vibe so I’d definitely advise going there for the day.

3. Eat some grub in Newtown
I lived right near Newtown but sadly only made it there a couple of times. It’s a really cool suburb with a lot of different eating options. One of the best places is the Cloud 9 Chocolate Cafe where you can get a scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two cookies *DROOLS*. Loads of quirky shops too where you will probably find something to spend your hard earned cash on.

4. Check out the markets
There’s a market at The Rocks (near Sydney Harbour, Sat/Sun) that sells artisan stuff but tbh I thought it was a bit boring and over priced. Glebe Market (every Saturday) was just down the road from my hostel and we would spend most Saturday’s looking at all the hand crafted gear and the second hand clothes section. The bestest market by far though is probably Paddy’s Market, everything is just so cheap there. Go there for souvenirs, funky t shirts or cheap jewellery. They pretty much sell everything.

5. Spend some time at Darling Harbour
I know some people don’t really like Darling Harbour and they say that it’s touristy, but I actually really liked it. The Sealife Centre there is the only place that I got to see some Platypus so that was awesomne but they also have a fantastic fireworks show on on a Saturday night – Sydney folk say it’s only really for the tourists but it is actually really good and set to a great soundtrack. There’s also nice bars & restaurants round there worth checking out.

6. Get the train to the Blue Mountains
The Blue Mountains is around two hours from Sydney via train and if you have an Opal card (transport card) you can get there for $2.50 on a Sunday (or you could when I was in Sydney anyways). It’s a great place to go get some fresh air and have a mammoth hike but I’d defo take a jacket in the cooler months, it can get really cold! Again, water, suncream, snacks and comfyy shoes are a great idea.

Have you been to Sydney? Is there anything you would add to the list?

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