Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Ten people you get in every office

ten people in every office - satchel
The one who is a self described 'Lad'.
You know the sort, a loudmouth who wants to whole office to know about his weekend antics which usually involve copious amounts of beer and going home with a 'munter' (his words not mine).

The one who gets away with Murder.
That one colleague who seems to do half of what you do but never get's pulled up on it. I mean why is that? They're not benefiting the company in any way, shape or form so why not just get rid?

The one who thinks they're a Comedian.
They think their funny, everyone else does not. They're loud, they tell shit jokes and they make everyone feel uncomfortable with their racism/sexism disguised as 'comedy'.

The one who sticks there nose in where it isn't wanted.
You work in one department, they work in another but if they hear there's a probnlem they simply have to get involved. GO AWAY.

The one who you suspect might like a Tipple or Two.
They're late to work on occassion, have an odd fug around them and sometimes seem a bit out of it. Yep chances are they're a bit to fond of the old sauce and it isn't exactly a secret.

The one who is always in a Bad Mood.
They could have just won the lottery and they would still be pissed off at the world. They give off bad vibes and takes everyone who goes within a metre radius of them down with 'em.

The one who always has an Excuse.
'My alarm didn't go off', 'My car didn't start', 'Ihad to take my cat to the vet'. They always seems to have an excuse for being late but don't worry soon they won't even bother apologising/lying.

The one who has a desk drawer full of Sweets.
Every now and again you hear the giveaway sound of a drawer being opened and then a rustle. They try to be sly but you know what they're up too.

The one who never shuts up.
Okay so this is different to the 'lad'. This is one who just does.not.shut.up. They will waffle on from 9am - 5pm and none of it will actually mean anything.

The one who is always Happy.
9am, 12pm, 4pm, they're always chipper and full of joy, spreading cheer around the office like a manic pixie fairy thing - Except the reality is you're tired, hungry and want to go home and are therefore not in the mood for their shit.

FYI this is a bit of fun and is based on a wide variety of people I've worked with, both in the UK and in Australia. I really like the bunch of people I work with currently so this isn't a reflection on them :)

Do you have any of these people in your office?


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  2. haha, I love this! Considering there are only 2 people in my office at the moment, I reckon I'm a bit of all of these depending on my mood :'D