Monday, 8 August 2016

Eleven things that happened at Kendal Calling

Kendal Calling
I spent the last weekend of July living in a slightly damp tent, living on kopparberg and vodka at Kendal Calling, a music festival in the Lakes District. It was my first time at Kendal and it most definitely won't be my last!  I was gunna do a long, rambly post all about what I got up too but I thought you might get a bit bored so I pinpointed my 11 fave moments from the weekend instead.
Did any of you guys go to Kendal? What were your highlights?
1. I got really drunk on my friend Drev's (yes that's his name) Naughty Water AKA vodka with a touch of flavoured water. I started Saturday being boring and not really enjoying myself but within half an hour of cracking the NW open I was having a ball dancing to Madness. I then KO'ed the minute I climbed into my tent - Rock and roll at it's finest.

2. I felt really, really old. And I'm only 24, seriously wtf. Basically there was a bunch of 17 year olds camping next to us singing Robbie Williams 'Angels' constantly and what really upset me was that THEY WEREN'T EVEN A TWINKLE IN THEIR DAD'S EYE WHEN THAT SONG WAS RELEASED.

3. I fell in love with the Cheese and Ham toasties at the 'Toasties and Baguettes' van. Seriously I ate one a day and it was like something the Gods had created. If it weren't for them I'd have probs starved. Thanks Toasties and Baguettes, you saved me. I swear getting one before bed was the reason I didn't get a naughty water hangover on the Saturday.

4. I adorned myself with Dust and Dance glitter and I'm still finding it in places you would rather not hear about. It promised to stay on all night long and man did it deliver. Go check them out, it's not that expensive, arrives quickly and looks incredible.

5. Despite drinking for 3 nights, I didn't suffer from a hangover once. Obviously someone was looking down on me and decided to bless me for the weekend. Or they knew that I was already freezing my bollocks off in a tent every night and thought that was punishment enough.

6. I don't understand the band Everything Everything. The songs had really weird lyrics and they had cult style robes on. Hmm. On the other hand, The Darkness were increds (Justin Hawkins catsuit is on my wishlist) and The Sugarhill Gang were great, despite not knowing that many songs.

7. I will always go for comfort and warmth over looking cool and on trend. Some chicks looked amazing in their booty shorts and floaty dresses but I'd much rather be all cosy in a hoody and jeans. It's way too cold once the sun goes down and I don't fancy getting frostbite on my noonoo.

8. I saw Noel Gallagher in the flesh and sang along to a mix of the High Flying Birds and Oasis. If I can't see the real Oasis the NGHFB are the next best thing. I do love Noel though, he's so funny in interviews and on the radio.

9. Jody and I had a wicked good time. From reminiscing about our time in Australia to taking the piss out of the people who were gurning their tits off, we had a lot of fun. We had a good time with our mates (obviously) but it was nice to have some time just the two of us (Especially drunk dancing to Madness, we've got some moves, seriously).

10. We left after Noel Gallagher because we wanted to enjoy a full day off work and the SatNav took us a really spooky way to Appleby/A66 on the back roads. It was pitch black and windy but the final straw was an abandoned first aid jeep in a bit of woods. Safe to say I stepped on the accelerator when I saw that.

11. I decided that Kendal Calling is definitely my festival of choice - Yep I'm picking Kendal over Leeds Fest. It might be a bit further away from home and it might not get as high a calibre of acts but it's got such a good vibe. It's also nice and compact so you aren't walking a million miles just to get from your car to your tent to the arena.

Kendal, I love you.

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