The Sunday Catch Up #22


I won’t lie, I went out last night and I’m feeling a bit fragile today. I’m not hungover but I am so tired. I can’t hack going out anymore, I much prefer staying in with a takeaway and watching Netflix. That combined with my steadily growing mortgage fund and my urge to buy a breakfast tray makes me feel like I’m really an adult now.

– I’ve been hammering the new Blink 182 album (California)  this week. When I heard they were releasing an album without Tom and with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba I though it would be shit but omgomgomg I was so wrong. It is definitely one of their better albums with some amazing songs on. Personal favourites are Los Angeles and Sober.

– On Thursday Jody and I drove to Manchester to go see The Stereophonics and I can’t believe how easy it was to get there. We got there super early thinking we would probably get lost but ended up having heaps of time to go for a meal and the cinema. The Stereophonics were amazing by the way, probably the most professional band I’ve ever seen – It was like listening to a CD and Kelly Jones is just the man.

– Speaking of the cinema I finally got to see The Secret Life of Pets. I’m a sucker for an animated film (especially one with dogs) and I loved it. It was so funny and the two hours flew by. The Minions short before it started was really funny too – I never got the whole Minion thing but now I think I might actually watch the movie.

– I downloaded Snapchat the other day after a crash course on how to use it from my Sister. So far all I’ve done is take stupid filtered pictures and send them to her so she’s probably regretting her decision to teach me how it works.

And that’s all from this week. Hope everyone had and has a lovely week!

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