Monday, 11 July 2016

21 things all women did when they were young

nostalgic nineties list

I know, I know there are millions and millions of 90's nostalgia lists like this one - If you go on Buzzfeed there's probs one on the main page right now. BUT I'm sharing one anyway because man they are so much fun to write! Enjoy.

(These are kind of in order from Primary School - Secondary School)

Went to boring shops like Matalan and Ikea with your Mum just incase she fancies a detour through Toys R Us.

Went to boring shops 'cos Mum promised you a McDonalds and you haven't been in ages and omg such a treat. Can I get an extra toy for 99p please?

Played all the games on the Bang On The Door website and prayed that one day when you got home from school your room was decked out in errything Groovy Chick.

Worn all the clothes you receved for Christmas Dinner at your Nan's and thrown a Bitch Fit when your parents wouldn't let you take all the toys you'd received.

Believed that Marilyn Manson had ribs removed so he could suck his own dick and that Slipknot killed puppies on stage.

Had a sleepover complete with makeovers and the promise of midnight snacks.

Except you all ate the snacks at ten and were asleep for eleven. Wild.

Went mad for Beanie Babies but not so much the Beanie Boppers. Although you still had to have at least three to be hip.

Felt super inspired after reading Jacqueline Wilson's back catalogue and deciding you were going to be the next best thang in YA fiction.

Anyone remember the anticipation of waiting for your Sabrina's Secret's magazine - What groovy make up would you get with the new issue?

Begged your Mum to upgrade you from Girl Talk to Mizz despite Mizz talking about things like boobs, boys and blood.

Bought magnetic earrings from Claires because getting your ears actually pierced was way too risque.

Bought a return bus ticket, a cinema ticket and a MaccyD's with the tenner that you nagged your Mum for.

Nicked a razor off Dad and shaved your legs despite not actually having any hair to shave (So wish this was the case now)

Had a bitch fit when your parents or siblings wanted the PC downstairs. BUT WHAT IF SOMETHING SUPER JUICY HAPPENS ON MSN AND IM NOT THERE?!?!?!

Invested in some Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in the hope that it made you look like a Goddess.

Thought you were a Top Chef 'cos you got an A for your Fruit Salad in food tech. Dam you sliced that fruit goooood.

Attempted to cut and bleach your own hair and thinking you'd done a good job - 'Til your Mum went mad. Oops.

Were totally shocked and appalled when Turkey Dinosaurs, Smiley Faces and Turkey Twizzlers were taken off the school dinner menu. Who the f*ck does Jamie Oliver think he is!?

Got four blue WKD's to share between you and your gal pals and then feeling brave enough to text that boy you liked.

Told your 'rents that you were round at a mates house when in reality you were freezing your tits off in a tent.

Do you have anymore to add?

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