13 things you will only know if you were an emo teenager in Leeds

I was a teenage emo (Not that there was out wrong with that). Tbh I still have fairly emo tendencies (Black eyeliner + skinnies, a love for Fallout Boy + Panic at the Disco) and I look back on those days quite fondly – Although I do cringe inside a *little* bit.

I used to get on the 36 bus from Ripon to Leeds with all my mates and we would spend the day there, not really doing a lot cos none of us had jobs and we were all broke.

If you were a teenage emo in Leeds then this one is for you.

– You spent Saturdays freezing your bollocks off outside the corn exchange.


– And when it got REALLY cold you crossed the road and spent the afternoon in MaccyD’s, nursing a medium packet of fries between four of you.


– If you were feeling flush you would spend the day in one of the Shisha cafes – Probs Kada’s (down the back of the corn ex) or Sahara’s (back of bus station). There was also that one near Leeds Market but it was a bit weirder in there and not as comfy (Good chips though).


– Summers were spent sat on the grassy hill by the playhouse with some tinny music blaring from one of your crew’s phones.


– You usually spent Friday nights at home bleaching your fringe and slapping on a Stargazer dye that you’d bought the week before (much to Mum’s disgust).


– Speaking of hair, all the trendy girls had spiked hair around the crown paired with long extensions and looked like queens – Why wouldn’t your Mum let you have hair like that?!?!?


– You went to Pagan just down the road for your piercings – £4 for a gun cartilage piercing? Count me in.


– But when you got a bit older and more mature you graduated to Red’s Tattoo & Piercing (across the road) for the more hardcore piercings.

– And that piercing was most definitely your lip. Maybe even snakebites.

– All your accessories came from Culture Vulture. Who doesn’t want a massive bow on their head and a massive lightening bolt necklace? Very budget friendly too unlike…

– Fabric Junkie. Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers this cute shop inside the corn ex?! Full of quirky jewellery (think lego bracelets and dinosaur earrings) and super quirky tutus (care bears and polka dots), this place was heaven.

– Your clothes came courtesy of the emo shop inside the corn ex (can’t remember the name) but there was a plethora of striped tees, coloured jeans and studded belts all at bargain prices.

– You went to see as many bands as you could at the cockpit and had the tickets plastered around your room.

Obvs these might only apply to me but hopefully some of you guys remember the corn ex days too! Do you have anything else to add to the list? I know we don’t like labels but were you ever stereotyped at school?

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