Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Bloggers Block and the Pains of Adulting

alright blondie bloggers block

You may (or may not have noticed) that it's been quiet/half arsed on here the last couple of weeks. There's two reasons I guess, the first one being that I've been feeling pretty uninspired.

I mean we've all had bloggers block right? Where you don't feel like writing anything, can't pluck any ideas out of the air, and quite frankly, can't be arsed. It's been so hot that I've been spending evenings sat in the garden, eating my weight in ice lollies and playing with the dog. I haven't really felt like sitting for hours on end with a hot laptop on my knee.

I spend so much time online when really I should be spending time with the people I love and doing things away from the screen. I mean I sit at a computer at work for 9 hours a day, you would think that would be enough right? I used to draw and create things all the time and I couldn't even tell you what the last book I read all the way through was. What happened?

That realisiation has led to me not really being arsed to sit and type up something, something that people have probably written about a million times over elsewhere. What do I have to say that someone already hasn't?

Maybe it's just me being a bit of a Debbie Downer, but I've come to realise that there's more important things in life than followers and blog statisitics. I enoy blogging but instead of beating myself up when I hit a wall, it's time to step back and forget about it. When I'm feeling isnpired again the words will come.

The second reason for the uninspired and unexciting posts? Adulting.

 I've mentioned a million times that I'm saving for a mortgage and the idea of having my own house is so exciting and gets me through each week at work - But it is so fucking boring.

Putting half your wage away every month means there's little money spare to actually go out and have fun. There's little to no eating out, no spontaneous day trips and zero holidays. Fun is no longer a priority and that's maybe another reason why I'm feeling so uninspired - 'Cos I'm not really doing anything inspiring.

Alright Blondie was primarily a travel blog - An online diary where I could keep my family up to date with my adventures in Oz, a thing that I could look back on in a few years and reminisce over - but when you're not travelling, then what?

When I first got back the idea was that we would go on day trips and have mini adventures to create content for the blog but the reality is that if I want a house before Christmas 2017, adventures and exploration have to take a back seat.

And tbh it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make in order to have my own house and get that dog I've always wanted.

So what do I write about?

I like make up and stuff but I'm not you're usual beauty blogger, I don't read enough anymore to be a book blogger and I really don't want to churn out half arsed, boring posts that loads of people have already done a good job on.

So please excuse me whilst I figure out what the hell I want to do with my blog. Bear with me whilst I wait for the idea cogs to start whirring again.

This weekend I'm going to Kendal Calling so I'm hoping the musical geniuses there combined with a weekend of camping, having fun and exploring the carnival theme of the festival will set off fireworks in my mind and get the creative juices flowing.

But it might not, who knows.

What do you do when you're feeling uninspired or feel like being a grown up is just too much/too boring? I'd love to hear your techniques for getting back on track!


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  1. Life is what you make it/allow if to be.
    On blogging terms, I think being a 'lifestyle' blogger allows the ability to blog about absolutely anything. One week it might be make up, the next, a music concert, the following a recipe. Endless possibilities. The key is, surely, to just blog about what makes you happy and what you feel comfortable sharing. :)