Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #18

I had a wild Friday night in as the picture above shows. Steak and Big Brother followed by an early night.

Well that was a quick Summer wasn't it? A beautiful start to the week followed by clouds and rain - How British. Here's hoping that wasn't the only sunshine we are going to get this year eh?

I've just returned from having a lush lamb dinner at a pub nearby and as soon as we left the house it started to pour down. I swear every time we leave the house on a weekend it rains...Maybe it's a sign we should just stay in our Pj's and watch Netflix?

A Sunday dinner was a necessity today - I went out to watch the football with the lads and may or may not have had one or two more Koppaberg's than I usually do, whoops. I felt pretty ropey this morning but thankfully a shower and a bacon sandwich sorted me out.

Jody and I got our paws on some tickets to go see The Catherine Tate Show live at the Barbican Theatre in York which is pretty sweet. The show recently started playing on Sky from Series 1 Episode 1 and we were reminded just how great the show was. Can't wait to see Nan live, I'm probably gunna be like her when I'm old - Miserable and potty mouthed.

Now I'm gunna go and watch the second half of the N.  Ireland Vs Poland match and then force Jody to watch Aladdin with me because all I've done this weekend is watch football. Hope you all had a lovely week!

This week I blogged twice:

24 hours in Stirling
A post detailing last week's trip to see The View in Scotland, complete with pics of Highland cows.

Three products used to top up my Thailand tan
I love being pale but after a year in tropical countries I'm more accustomed to having a light tan. Found out how I keep mine topped up.

I haven't done a reading list this week cos I'm lazy - Sorry!

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  1. It sucks how much the weather has changed lately, I really hope the sun comes back soon! Sounds like you've had a fab week x