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I love food. If you follow me on Twitter you will know that 85% of what I waffle on about is food – What I want for my tea, what I can smell cooking in the staff room, what I’ve got cravings for… SO despite never doing a restaurant review before (I’m usually to busy trying to eat my food before it gets cold to get a photo) I’m gunna give it a go…
For the first Alright Blondie restaurant review I’m focusing on a recently opened Argentinian Steakhouse in Harrogate called ‘Cau’.
To introduce Cau I’ve nicked there bio from their website…


Many years ago, we fell in love with the vibrancy of Buenos Aires, a city where cosmopolitan sophistication collides with an irresistibly chaotic energy. It’s a beguiling, emotional and all embracing place to be. When we started CAU, our vision was to capture that spirit in a restaurant that would fit right into the heart of Palermo, Buenos Aires. If we could replicate that vitality, passion and sense of fun, we knew CAU would be a place people would want to spend time.Our menu embraces Buenos Aires cuisine, a melting pot of comfort food inspired by Italy and Spain alongside the jewel in Argentina’s crown, its beef. Mouthwatering steaks, burgers and steak sandwiches are joined by a tempting selection of more-ish favourites, each with a distinctive Buenos Aires twist.


Cau is located on Station Parade which is an easy two minute walk away from the bus and train station. I do believe there is going to be an Everyman cinema built next to it, making it the perfect location for a date night.
When I walked into Cau the first thing I noticed was how slick the interiors were. Cool light fittings, grass printed wallpaper and installations that made it look as if the sky was peeking in through gaps. The overall colour theme is black but the white booths and chairs lighten the place up – The floor to wall windows that run along one side of the building also helps.
The staff were pretty nice, quickly shimmy-ing the furniture around so my niece’s pram would fit around the table. They were quick to get our drinks and orders but bare in mind it was a Monday afternoon at 2pm – I’d like to go back when it’s busier, see if it’s still as good then.
All I can say about the menu is a that it is a carnivore’s dream.


As you may or may not know, Argentina is known for it’s beef and Cau promises some of the best quality and cuts of steak you ever did see. They describe it as ‘richly flavoured and  wonderfully tender’ and man they deliver.
The menu mainly consists of steak dishes – sandwiches, burgers and steaks (dur) – but there are pork and lamb dishes available, aswell as a handful of options for any veggies who may be in your party. (There are also heaps of desserts although I was far to pogged to sample any).
After spending a whole ten minutes perusing the menu (that’s a long time for me I swear), I settled on the medallions (The finest, most succulent cuts of lomito, filleted from the centre and grilled) with a side of skinny chips and garlic aioli for a grand total of £14.95.
I won’t life when my dish arrived all I could think was ‘Is this it?’ – I thought I’d been well and truly ripped off.
Then I took a mouthful and a choir of angels started singing.


Seriously it was so good. It was cooked to perfection (Medium Rare FYI) and the size of the portions ended up being ideal for my tiny tum. The chips were crispy but not too well done and the garlic sauce wasn’t too overpowering.
Overall Cau was good. Better than good. I would probably queue up if it meant I would have some of that tasty, juicy steak in my tum tum by the end of it. It was so good that I’m already plotting a return trip on payday* with Jody in tow.
Are any of you guys from my neck of the woods? Have you been to Cau?


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* It’s definitely a restaurant you go to when you’ve just been paid and you feel like a weekend millionaire. Not a mid month trip. I mean it’s not really expensive but it isn’t really cheap either. Know what I’m saying?


  • Cara E

    16/06/2016 at 9:48 am

    Cau sounds absolutely amazing! I don't know much about Argentinian cuisine at all but looking at the menu everything sounds delicious and right up my street, I'll definitely keep it in mind to visit here if I ever happen to be in Harrogate! x

    1. Alrightblondie

      16/06/2016 at 11:11 am

      Thanks for your comment 🙂 It was sooo good, I can't wait to go back! x

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