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3 Products Used To Top Up My Thailand Tan

bondi sands tanner, benefit dew the hoola, anastasia beverly hills
Hey sugarplums. Today is a new kind of post, one that I'm probably not qualified to write. It's a beauty post. I know you guys are probably more accustomed to me writing about travel, but when you're not travelling it's kind of hard to talk about travel.  So I'm branching out and seeing how it goes.
Hopefully it doesn't alienate to many people *crosses fingers*
Formalities out of the way let me introduce this post.
I am a fully paid up member of the 'I'm so pale I could be a vampire' club. When I don't wear make-up I'm often told I look ill which is actually a bit insulting. I don't mind being pale though, it's part of who I am.
Whilst I was away I got myself a banging tan and as much as I do like being pale, I'm not gunna lie, having a tan made me feel gooooood. Obvs being a pale chick my tan faded pretty quickly so whenever I feel like being tan-tastic these are the first products I reach for.

bondi sands tanners
Bondi Sands Self Tan Foam and Gradual Tan
Superdrug £14.99 and £11.99
Currently on offer!

I've tried a bazillion fake tans (Palmer's, L'Oreal, Johnsons, Jergens, Rimmel) and when I say not one of them agreed with me I mean it. They went orange, streaked or were just downright crap. Then Bondi Sands came into my life and I wondered where it had been the whole time. They both gone on really nice, with no streaks or orangeness to be seen. They still smell a bit fake tanny but not the worst I've ever come in contact with. The gradual tan gives you a really nice glow over a few days and the foam gives you that nice 'just got off the place from two weeks in Spain' kinda look. I highly recommend these.

anastasia beverly hills glow kit in gleam
Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow Kit - Gleam
£39 Cult Beauty
I used to be quite scared of make-up only ever really using foundation and eye make up but recently I've start branching out into bronzers, contouring, highlighting and I'm starting to get quite brave with it. I saw the glow kit on another blog and despite never using a highlighter before in my life I immediately went and bought the palette. 'Gleam' is the cooler toned palette and I love the selection of colours - They're shimmery but not tooo shimmery if you know what I'm saying?

benefit dew the hoola bronzer

Benefit Dew The Hoola
Benefit £22.50

This is probably my holy grail product. I was a bit worried it would make me look ridiculously tanned but in actual fact it's really light. You can use it to contour but I prefer to slather it all over my face and neck over my foundation - it gives me that dewy, sun-kissed glow you get without looking to obvious. If you're quite pale you should probs invest in this, it will change yo life.

So there you have it guys, my fave products for topping up my Thailand tan. I hope this post hasn't freaked too many people out but if it has don't worry. I'll still be doing travel related posts, just not exclusively travel anymore.

Have any of you used these products? Your thoughts?

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