24 Hours in Stirling

Calories don’t count on road trips right?
Wasssssuppp bitches! How are we all? Today I’m talking about my lil road trip up to Scotland – If you read this catch up post you will know that Jody and I drove up to Stirling at the weekend. It was only a quick trip (we didn’t even spent 24 hours there) but it was a much needed mini adventure.
I get pretty itchy feet so I need to have things in my calendar. Wether it’s seeking out a quirky diner that sells amazing milkshakes, a day trip to the Zoo or a weekend in Europe I have to be go go go all the time.
As I promised myself I would stay still this year we didn’t have anything booked for this year but when The View announced a couple more dates for their Rope Walk tour in Scotland we thought fuck it and bought tickets for the Stirling show.
Jody and I are massive fans – Seriously they are so underrated – and we’ve seen them 5 times before with the most recent gig being in April at Fibbers, York. We’ve only ever seen them in England so to go to a gig in Scotland (where they hail from) was a totally different experience. It was completely nuts, honestly I’ve never sweat so much in my entire life. Safe to say all my contouring and fake tan was nowhere to be seen once they finished their set.
I still ached from all the dancing a few days later, pretty sure I pulled something in my neck aswell, oops.
The standard road trip selfie. I had my teeth whitened a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t really tell until I started dicking about taking loads of selfies whilst we were road trippin. I also used my Benefit Goof Proof eyebrow pencil (free with Elle) and despite seeing negative reviews on Twitter (it’s not worth it etc) I actually really like it. I ain’t a brow pro though, this is the first time I’ve ever used anything on them so maybe it is gash, I dunno.
Shoooes. Jody only passed his test a couple of weeks before we left for Aus so I used to have to do ALL of the driving on our UK roadtrips. If you only have one driver in your relationship you will know how shite it is so it was really nice to do a trip where we could share the driving. Obvs as co pilot this meant feeding him sweets and changing the radio channels over whilst day dreaming about the burger king I was inevitably gunna have at the next services.


Sooo we were gunna go to Stirling Castle on Sunday morning but if I’m gunna be honest (which I always am) we just couldn’t be bothered after our night of dancing. We just wanted to get home. However we did pull over and take an obligatory photograph so we didn’t fail completely. I love castles aswell but meh.
Another reason for pulling over was because we saw some Highland Cattle! We saw them on the way into Stirling which was pretty exciting – So much so I shouted and Jody nearly shat himself cos he had no idea what was going on. Their field is right underneath the castle and you go past it on your way into Stirling so keep an eye out. There’s designated parking for you to pull into aswell.


Seriously though, LOOK AT HIM. I tried being a weiner tourist and taking a selfie with him but it was too sunny so in all the photos I’m squinting and there are no cows to be seen. Cool story bro.
It would be pretty bad if I waffled on then didn’t show you where we stayed wouldn’t it? We stayed at the Friars Wynd hotel which was literally a 30 second walk away from the gig venue. It was £139 to stay in a double room (no free parking FYI), with breakfast thrown in. The staff were really nice and I shit you not that bed was the comfiest bed I have ever ever slept in.
Jody and I can’t take nice photos. In most of our photos we pull strange faces. But I spose we are pretty strange. PS Seriously though look at my teeth. The gig venue (Fubar) had loads of fluorescent purple lights, I was worried my teeth were gunna blind people, Ross Gellar Style.
So yeah, we had a pretty good time in Stirling and it would be nice to go back. It’s still one of my MANY travel dreams to get a van and go tour around Scotland but for now going up there for a weekend will do.
I really do love Scotland – I may go as far as to say it’s one of my favourite places IN THE WORLD – and I always feel a bit sad when I leave. Have any of you guys been? Your thoughts? If you are a Scot I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU.
Much love.
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  • Jane

    07/06/2016 at 1:41 pm

    Sounds like a nice short break away. I've only been to Edinburgh, which was beautiful, but I reckon a road trip round Scotland would be amazing!

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