Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #15

Well Aloha amigos! Welcome to the Sunday Catch up where I waffle on about my boring week for a few paragraphs then give you a few links to posts that I've enjoyed this week.

- The weekend began with a trip to the cinema to see X Men: Apocalypse. It didn't have great reviews in the paper but I thought it was awesome. I'm a big fan of the franchise so I knew I'd like it anyways and Sophie Turner/Sansa Stark is great as Jean Grey. I have a feeling that may not be the last X Men movie though, especially as it introduced a lot of new younger mutants.

- I started off my Sunday with a trip to Ripley for an ice cream breakfast. Defs have eyes bigger than my tummy cos a large tub of whippy vanilla nearly killed me. Good though.

- I also got to see my lovely baby niece again today. I swear I've only seen her awake twice since she was born and both times were after she had done a poop and needed changing. Pretty jealous, wish it was acceptable for me to sleep all the time.

It wasn't the most exciting week but meh, I'm saving money by being boring. I get paid Friday though meaning it's finally time to book some flights for my trip in January! Hope you all had a lovely week!

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