Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #12

Happy Sunday guys! How great does it feel knowing that we don't have work tomorrow? (Sorry guys who work in retail - It will fly by!).  I love the abundance of bank holidays we get, they always seem to come around just as I'm starting to get fed up of work and start contemplating using my holiday allowance unwisely. I'm not sure what I'm doing with my extra day yet but I'm sure I will be watching ep2 of Game of Thrones!

Speaking of Game of Thrones did anybody watch it? I LOVE GoT but the first episode left me feeling a little bit meh. I know there's still like 10zillion characters and they have to reintroduce them but I hope episode 2 is a little bit meatier - AND THAT THEY BRING BACK JON SNOW <3 <3

Tuesday meant a dreaded visit to the dentist and as I picked a late appointment (for some stupid reason) I spent the day dreading it and feeling sick. Turns out I had nothing to worry about - something I knew deep down - and was in and out pretty quickly. I've also got a mouthguard now 'cos I grind my teeth in my sleep so I look really cool at bedtime.

I had to take my 5mm earplug out this week which was quite sad for me as I've had it in since I was 15. For some reason it just started to go all red and itchy despite the fact it's been in for nearly ten years and it's cleaned regularly...Has this happened to any of you guys?

Please tell me that you guys watched Line of Duty? The 90 minute finale ended on Thursday and to say I was on the edge of my seat is an understatement. I was texting my mum all the emojiis, shouting at the telly and every 5 minutes I had to remind my self that it's not real. Ooops.

I spent Friday night with all my friends for someone's 90's themed birthday party. I dressed as Draco Malfoy and was accompanied by Eminem of the chainsaw era. It was great seeing all my friends in one place as it never happens anymore (jobs, houses, kids, etc) but due to some drama between some of my mates, we left early so we didn't get dragged into any arguments - shame really cos it was a really fun night up until that point.

How has you week been? Did anything spectacular happen?

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