Sunday, 5 June 2016

On not letting your adventure die.

I've been home for four months and two days now. I know I've probably said this before and it gets thrown around a lot but my time in Australia really does feel like a dream. The only evidence of my time away is a battered Paperchase diary, some plane tickets and a shed loads of photographs, half of which I haven't even managed to upload to my computer.
Some people say that my generation spend too much time online - Too much time tweeting about what an awesome time we are having, too much time behind a lens trying to get that perfect Insta shot and too much time worrying what people think of our online presence. 
Social Media and Technology are pretty awesome - I mean who doesn't want to be able to talk to their parents on the other side of the world in minutes? - but it's pretty good to step away from the screens sometimes, even if it's only to soak in the atmosphere of a place or just to give your eyes a rest.
Whenever I've travelled in the past I've always come home and got some of my favourite photos printed off and I've always kept a diary of my adventures so I can remember exactly what I did, ate, loved, bought, etc.
My Australian diary is a purple Paperchase on covered in elephants. It's got all sorts of crap shoved inside it, my scrawly hand writing taking up the pages with my highlights and lowlights of my trip and after a year, yep, it's full.
SO when I got this Marco Polo** travel journal in the post I was pretty chuffed.
The journal is pretty sweet and so eye catching. It has dotted pages rather than lined so it suits writers, doodlers, collagers, crafters, list makers or bullet journal-ers. It's the perfect size to fit into your hand luggage and even comes with some cute AF stickers in the back to jazz up the pages (emoticons, prompts, the works). Plus a handy wallet for storing all your bits and pieces (You wouldn't believe how many times I've opened up my old diary only to have a tonne of scrappy bits of paper and ticket stubs fall on the floor).
Basically it's a pretty nifty journal, I won't lie and I can't wait to start scribbling away in it.
Australia might feel like a dream but my diary, my photos and my memory bank keep the trip alive. It's something I will never forget and even thought that chapter of my life is now over, I can't wait to start a new one and have some more adventures.
How do you remember your journeys, adventures and quests? Do you journal, scrapbook or just upload the photos to Facebook and flick through them every so often when you need a boost? 
The travel journals will be on Amazon from TODAY, are available in 4 designs (I loooove the passport one) and will be retailing at £7.99 and you can find Marco Polo on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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** Marco Polo sent me an advance copy of the travel journal to review after I saw a post on their IG asking for travel bloggers who fancied having a nosy at it. As a big fan of keeping a diary and a big fan of Marco Polo (I have five of their travel guides on my shelf) I put my paws up straight away. All thoughts and feelings about the journal are my own**


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  1. This looks pretty cool! I have an overflowing box of receipts, tickets, maps and random photos from my year abroad. It felt nice looking back and having a browse but now I just avoid it as it feels like clutter I should get rid of at some point. Considering this big time.