Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How to be a terrible budget traveller

I might be a bit skint most of the time but that doesn't stop me blowing my budget 99% of the time whilst travelling. Here are a couple of things I've done that have completely thrown my budget out of the window.

- Booked a stay in a 4* hotel via Groupon just because it had £290 off it's usual price

- Tipped a waiter in Florida $40 on top of a $10 meal 'cos I didn't look at the note properly.

- Eaten at the Hard Rock cafe just because I needed something western (ie a proper pepsi)

- Got talked into a spontaneous trip to Gili Trawangan by a waiter whilst grabbing a quick drink.

- We then proceeded to book a room in one of the jazziest hotels on the island, complete with private pool.

-  Taken taxi's everywhere 'cos it was just too damn hot to walk.

- Got an unnecessary and quite expensive tattoo (Jody)

- Went to the shopping malls 'just for a look' then ended up having to throw away half of my backpack's contents to make room for the new stuff.

- Point blank refused to stay in dorm rooms because of my terrible Aussie experience in one - Private bungalow for two please.
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  1. This post is great! Stumbled across your blog and love it!
    a life of a charlotte

  2. Haha but the 4* hotel sounds JUST FABULOUS! I will definitely need to think about hotels when I visit Australia next year!