Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Sunday Catch up #16

leg shot

Happy Sunday and happy bank holiday weekend! Don't you just love all the Mondays off - Again sorry retail/hospitality people.

I've been a bit of a bad blogger this week. In all honesty I just haven't been that arsed about writing anything. My 'How to be a terrible budget traveller' post was actually a mini post I've had in my drafts for ages so even that isn't new.

I used to be quite hard on myself when I didn't blog but now I'm not really that bothered. I mean I love writing and waffling on but this started out as something I did for fun and some thing for me, not for other people. It was my hobby and my creative outlet.

Then I started trying so hard to turn Alright Blondie into something that I don't think it will ever be that I forgot why I actually started blogging. So now when I don't really fancy writing anything, I don't try and force it, I just leave it until something pops into my noggin.

Sometimes I have a zillion ideas, sometimes I have none and that's okay.

In other news, I spent Thursday & Friday (whilst I was at work), devouring Series one of Serial. If you haven't heard of it, it's a podcast by Sarah Koenig, a reporter, and her team. In series one she investigates the death of Hae Min Lee and wether or not, Adnan Syed (Hae's ex boyfriend) really did commit the murder or not. FYI I still have no idea who did it or who I should belive.

It's totally addictive and although I've heard the second series isn't as good, I can't wait to get stuck in and have a listen for myself. Definitely one for the Making A Murderer fans.
I saw my niece yesterday and I might be biased (I personally don't think I am) but she is quite possibly the cutest lil baby on the planet. She needs to start baby modelling or something.

So it's been a pretty normal week. Today I'm off to devour a Sunday lunch, watch series one of Top Boy then go see my parents. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Having an extra day off is great and I'm gunna take advantage of it (Or I might binge watch the rest of Billions on Sky- Who knows?) How are you spending your extra day off?
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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How to be a terrible budget traveller

I might be a bit skint most of the time but that doesn't stop me blowing my budget 99% of the time whilst travelling. Here are a couple of things I've done that have completely thrown my budget out of the window.

- Booked a stay in a 4* hotel via Groupon just because it had £290 off it's usual price

- Tipped a waiter in Florida $40 on top of a $10 meal 'cos I didn't look at the note properly.

- Eaten at the Hard Rock cafe just because I needed something western (ie a proper pepsi)

- Got talked into a spontaneous trip to Gili Trawangan by a waiter whilst grabbing a quick drink.

- We then proceeded to book a room in one of the jazziest hotels on the island, complete with private pool.

-  Taken taxi's everywhere 'cos it was just too damn hot to walk.

- Got an unnecessary and quite expensive tattoo (Jody)

- Went to the shopping malls 'just for a look' then ended up having to throw away half of my backpack's contents to make room for the new stuff.

- Point blank refused to stay in dorm rooms because of my terrible Aussie experience in one - Private bungalow for two please.
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Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #15

Well Aloha amigos! Welcome to the Sunday Catch up where I waffle on about my boring week for a few paragraphs then give you a few links to posts that I've enjoyed this week.

- The weekend began with a trip to the cinema to see X Men: Apocalypse. It didn't have great reviews in the paper but I thought it was awesome. I'm a big fan of the franchise so I knew I'd like it anyways and Sophie Turner/Sansa Stark is great as Jean Grey. I have a feeling that may not be the last X Men movie though, especially as it introduced a lot of new younger mutants.

- I started off my Sunday with a trip to Ripley for an ice cream breakfast. Defs have eyes bigger than my tummy cos a large tub of whippy vanilla nearly killed me. Good though.

- I also got to see my lovely baby niece again today. I swear I've only seen her awake twice since she was born and both times were after she had done a poop and needed changing. Pretty jealous, wish it was acceptable for me to sleep all the time.

It wasn't the most exciting week but meh, I'm saving money by being boring. I get paid Friday though meaning it's finally time to book some flights for my trip in January! Hope you all had a lovely week!

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Thoughts on coming home after a year of travel

A small collection of thoughts I've had since coming home at the end of January, ranging from the minute I got home to the present day.

When I walked through the door my four crazy dogs came running up to me and they remembered me. After 13 months away.
Coming home to a pregnant Sister and seeing her bump for the first time was so surreal. There was a real little person growing inside her, I wasn't just being Punk'd by my entire family.
I spent the first week of my home coming lost in limbo. Even when I was awake I felt like I was asleep, like everything was surrounded in fog. Probably the jet lag. Definitely the jet lag.
Our friends are the same yet so different. Things have happened whilst we have been away that we know nothing about. New friendships have been forged and some relationships have disintegrated.
Do I really want to be stuck in this job, in the 9-5 grind forever? Should I have maybe gritted my teeth and done my 88 days of farmwork? Did we make a mistake coming home?
Saving for the future is hard and it is boooooring. Can I not just use my savings to book a mini break to Rome or spend it on a month long adventure in New Zealand?
I don't want to bore everyone by talking about my travelling but at the same time it's all I want to talk about.
It's hard to believe that this time last year I was living in Perth and exploring everything WA had to offer. Life has soon gone back to normal, my time in Australia feels a bit like a dream.
At the moment I'm pretty happy. I have a niece, my savings look good and I have a trip to Norway planned for January aswell as a lot of gigs and festivals within the UK. Every now and again I have off days where I wish I'd carried on travelling but I'm happy to be back home.
Err what do I blog about now?
One thing I know for sure is that the travel bug never really leaves you. I may be taking the year to stay in one place but I still want to see everything.

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Monday, 16 May 2016

The Monday Catch Up #14


Happy Monday! Okay so I usually do a catch up post on a Sunday but I went out Saturday and was hungover/more tired than I've ever been in my life. After a few hours spent with my family I was pretty much a zombie so I went to bed at 5pm, woke up at 9pm then went back to bed a 11pm. Rock N Roll.

So the biggest news from this week is that my sister has had her first baby! Ivy (named after my Great Nana who died a few years ago) was born weighing 8lbs, has heaps of hair and is a little pumping machine. She's great.

It hasn't changed my mind about wanting a baby though. The beauty of being an Auntie is that I'll get all the fun bits and then be able to give her back. I'll stick with becoming a crazy dog lady thanks.

Another exciting thing that happened this week was that after a month of sleeping on a mattress, Jody and I finally bought a bed. This might not be exciting for you but we are ridiculously chuffed. It's a grey divan with loads of under bed storage and it's so so comfy. It's so nice to not have a crack den style bedroom anymore.

Aswell as from getting a leeetle bit drunk on Saturday night, I also drove over to York for a trampolining sesh at Energi York. For £9.95 we had an hour's bounce but after half an hour we had to leave as we were POOPED. My God I am so unfit. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten a plate of Carbonara before I went either...

So yeah, it's been an action packed week. Have a lovely week and I hope that if you're back to work today it doesn't suck to hard!

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sunsets on Koh Tao

HAHA! You thought my Thailand posts were over but nope, I still had a few photos left on my SD card from my time on Koh Tao.  

Watching the sunset is one of those things that I just love - It's something that happens every day, no matter where you are in the world and always manages to have a magical quality to it. It's a natural occurrence and best of all, it's free for anyone to enjoy.

Hopefully my first trip to Thailand won't be my last, if I could go back tomorrow I probably would. Where did you see your favourite sunset?

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sunset on koh tao

purple and pink sunset

dog running across beach

koh tao fisherman ins unset

koh tao divers boat

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

ANOTHER 7 films to give you a case of wanderlust

Along with travel, going to the cinema and watching films are my favourite things to do so travel films are right up my street. I've done a couple of travel film lists before and you can find them here - 7 films to trigger wanderlust and 7 more films to inspire a bit of wanderlust.


1. Into the Wild (2007)
This is the true story of Christopher McCandless (or Alexander Supertramp) who left his whole life behind to set up camp and live off the land in Alaska. If you haven't seen it I won't give anything away but this film shows both the ups and downs of travelling and the negative repercussions of our actions.

2. The James Bond Collection (1954 - Present)
If you can show me a man who has seen more of the world than James Bond then I will give you a tenner (lol JK I'm broke). James Bond has been all over the world, saving lives and seducing women and the films showcase so many great destinations - They're a definite when it comes to inspiring wanderlust.

3. Wild (2014)
The beautiful (true) story of how Cheryl Strayed hiked 1,100 miles solo on the pacific crest trail, from the Mojave Desert in California to the Bridge of the Gods in Oregon. Cheryl Strayed is hiking in order to grieve for her mother who died of lung cancer, recover from her divorce and escape from a slowly building heroin habit. It's a truly great movie and Reese Witherspoon is wonderful in it.

4. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003)
I'm cheating a bit as The Hobbit trilogy has already featured on my 'wanderlust' round ups but I would love to have a hike to Mt Doom (Mount Ngauruhoe) in the Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. The scenery in the LOTR films is just incredible.

5. The Jungle Book (2016)
Errr so pretty much all of The Jungle Book is shot in CGI but this doesn't stop me wanting to go on a jungle adventure in search of tigers, elephants, bears and panthers. I personally thought this film was visually stunning and it made me want to immediately book a Safari holiday.

6. The Bucket List (2007)
Two old fellas with cancer meet in hospital, strike up a friendship and decide to knock a few things off their bucket lists before they die. It's a real heart warming story with great turns from Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It's a stark reminder that we all have an expiry date and should live life to the fullest, no matter what our age.

7. Anything by David Attenborough (1973 - Present)
David Attenborough is one well travelled 90 year old. From the Arctic to the Galapagos, I don't think there are many places he hasn't been. If you want to learn about the planet, be soothed by his marvellous voice and add some more places to your bucket list, his documentaries are ehat you need to watch,

Do you have any other travel films to add to the list? Let me know in the comments?
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Monday, 9 May 2016

Review: Mama Doreen's Cupcake Company, Harrogate

Just a heads up, this is the most sugary sweet blog post I will ever publish - Full of images beautiful pastel colours, yummy finger foods and ALL THE FLOWERS, it's pretty photo heavy too. You have been warned...

My little sister is two weeks away from giving birth to her first child (and boy do we know about it) so t'other Sunday my Mum organised her an Afternoon Tea at Mama Doreen's Emporium for her baby shower. (It's on Coldbath Road in Harrogate and their facebook is here).

Over the course of two hours we decorated cupcakes with cute fondant babies, guessed the poop, tried to guess how big my sister's bump was (her & her flatmate cheater) and ate a lot of delicious food.

Included in the Afternoon Tea was prosecco, orange juice, dipped strawberries, various savoury stuff (they did THE BEST creamy egg mayo mix on a brioche bread bun) aswell as some amazing sweet stuff (chocolate cupcakes and chocolate dipped shortbread anyone?). We also got to pick one drink off the menu and I went for a white hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream. When I say it tasted like something the angel fairy chefs made I mean it. It was super sweet and filling though so I wouldn't advise downing half of it before the food comes out (like I did).

I *think* my Sister had a good time and it was nice to have all the female members of our family in one place, as well as meeting her boyfriend's family for the first time.

I'd recommend the afternoon tea to anyone looking for a nice place to eat in Harrogate - It's something a little bit different to your usual pub grub and the emporium itself is just so lovely and Instagram worthy. I can't wait to drag Jody back there for another hot chocolate and maybe one of their incredible cupcakes.

The prices for the regular afternoon tea are shown in the image below although I do believe my Mum paid extra to have all the games and things included.

Have you guys ever been for afternoon tea? And if not do you fancy it now?

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The branding and theme of Mama Doreen's is just so cool, loved it.

menu board

The menu board at Mama Doreen's - It's making me drool think about it!

mama doreens emporium

Mama Doreen's was perfect, interior wise.

table arrangement

The colour scheme is perfect for Spring.

cupcake decorating

How good is the cupcake I decorated? Seriously missed my calling.

food display


flowers, cupcakes, strawberries

Beautful flowers, dipped strawberries and some of the cupcakes that were on sale.

food, table arrangement, hot chocolate

The hot chocolate that dreams are made of, the food arrangements and the wee plates and cups.

guess the poop game

Annnnnd me...Trying to guess the poop. Sorry about this one.


Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #13

Happy Sunday! How cracking has this week's weather been? It's topped 20 degrees here which is pretty miraculous considering I live in the North. Casey (my boyfriend's dog) has spent the day flopped on the floor chewing on ice, so I think she'll be glad when it cools back down again.

It might be a zillion degrees outside but somehow I've still managed to catch a cold. Blocked nose, sore throat and an annoying, tickly cough - Great. Whenever I get ill I can usually man up and crack on but there's something about cold's that just completely knock me out and leave me snuggled up in bed with my teddy bear from when I was a kid.

However today I did manage to drag myself out of bed and enjoy some of the lovely sunshine. Jody and I drove an hour down the A1 to Doncaster and spent the morning at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It was pretty good but as it's still new there are a lot of enclosures and stuff being built so it felt a bit like a building site...I did see an Amur leopard though (In fact I saw three). I've never seen a leopard in a zoo or in the wild before so that was pretty cool.

Anyway just a quick one this week thanks to this horrible cold, now I'm gunna go shove some tissue up my nose and smother myself in Vicks - Sexy I know.

Have a lovely week!


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Numerous David Attenborough documentaries
The Life of Puppies Ep1
Ricki and the Flash (7/10)
Eddie the Eagle (8/10)

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Friday, 6 May 2016

The Great All Inclusive Debate

Inspired by a recent Twitter chat centered around package holidays, I started thinking about the pro's and con's to All Inclusive and/or Package Holidays (Are they the same? Kind of I guess).
I've done the whole shebang - I've gone all inclusive, I've self catered, I've slummed it in hostels and I've lived like a queen in a 4* hotel. I've paid someone to do all the planning for me and I've also nearly had a breakdown from the stress of travelling independently.
I know a lot of travellers don't really like all inclusive, package deals because they feel like a 'tourist' or they feel like you don't have an authentic, local experience going through an agent but I don't mind them, depends on what sort of holiday I'm after really.
I'll start with the con's shall I?
1. You stay in one place the whole time
I know this is the biggest problem for most people (including me). Going all inclusive tends to mean you're in one place for 7-14 days and that can lead to cabin fever for some. Personally I'm a bit of an explorer and like to move around every few days, cramming in as much as possible.
2. It can get a bit boring
Unless your hotel has a pool, loads of entertainment, a bowling alley, kayaks and snorkelling spots chances are you're going to get a bit bored after a few days. Especially if you aren't part lizard and get bored sitting in the sun for extended periods of time.
3. You feel like you have to stay in the hotel because you already paid all that money
 BUT because you've paid all that money for all inclusive you feel like going out is just adding to your expenses and what was the point in spending all that money if you're going to go out every night for dinner?
4. Hotel's tend to be really busy and/or lacking in character
All inclusive hotels tend to be all white villa looking things (like the top photo) or like an ugly block of high rise flats - Not exactly Instagrammable. They're also usually heaving with other bargain loving people and that can get a bit much.
5. If the hotel/food are crap then you're holiday is on course to be crap.
Obvs being the tubster that I am, food on holiday is a vital part of my holiday. referring back to point 3, you don't want to be spending loads of money on top of what you paid and if the food is rubbish then you're screwed.

And the positives?

1. You are protected if anything goes wrong.
Most all inclusive/package holidays are protected if something goes wrong (like an ash cloud or unrest) meaning you can get a full or partial refund, or change your dates around. You don't really have that luxury if you plan and book everything independently.

2. It's totally stress free.
Giving someone your budget and an idea of what you want out of your holiday is a million times less stressful than DIY-ing it. I can't tell you how many times I nearly lost my shit trying to sort our transport and hotels out in Thailand!

3. It can be dramatically cheaper.
This isn't always the case but if you are clever, going all inclusive can sometimes be a lot cheaper than paying for everything separately. Depending on when and where you are going you should always look at both options to try and save some cashola.

4. And you don't have to worry about spending money.
Thing is, when you've paid for your hotel and flights in a lump sum, you don't need to take anywhere near as much money with you. Sure you need some for the odd day trip or meal out but that's it. A lot of the time when you travel plan yourself you have to pay for the hotels as you go, meaning you have to be a bit tighter with the purse strings to ensure you have enough money left to cover all costs.

5. Everything you need is included (DUH).
Some hotels are amazing. They have 6 restaurants, kayaks, entertainment, spa's - You name it they have it - Sometimes it's all free, sometimes it's extra BUT package/all inclusive deals often include your transfers, taxes and insurance - Additions that can be quite costly!

And who can forget the cute towel origami?

How bad are my photos by the way? They were taken 4 years ago on a not so great camera and it definitely shows.

What are your feelings on all inclusive holidays? I think it depends what you are after - If you want to just relax and take it is easy they're fantastic, but it's all down to personal preference!

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

#BlogAtTheBeach with Ice Lolly

Over the weekend I was invited to attend Ice Lolly's Blog at the Beach event at the White
Cloth Gallery in Leeds which was VERY exciting as it was my first blogger event. Even better, Leeds is only a quick train journey away from where I live so I wasn't having to trek miles to get there - Woo!
If I'm going to be a 100% honest, the minute I replied to the e-mail saying 'YES that sounds amazing, count me in!', I started thinking of excuses not to go. The thought of walking into a room SOLO filled with a bunch of people I didn't know, some with much higher blog followings that me, made me feel physically sick.
Jody pretty much had to force me out of the door and by the time I got to Leeds I was RAVENOUS because I'd been too nervy to eat anything. I got in a bit of a tizz when I *nearly* went down the wrong street (Thank Google Maps) and when I walked straight past the gallery I made a quick call to Jodes to mask my mistake and make it look like I missed the door intentionally.

I'm so cool.
ice lolly pass and pad
Once I was in the gallery there was the whole 'Omg everyone is grouped off wtf do I do' but eventually I managed to awkwardly worm my way into a group so I didn't feel like a total nob sat by myself doing the whole 'I'm fine I have my phone to play on anyway' thing. Not that there is anything wrong with that like, I just didn't fancy sitting by myself for 5 hours.

If you can't tell the event had a Mexican theme and this theme included piƱata's, taco's, nachos, cactuses and the strongest Margarita's I have ever encountered - I'm pretty sure it was made up entirely of tequila with a splash of lemon or lime or whatever and it's safe to say I couldn't actually finish it (especially as I was driving home from the train station!). There was also a Mariachi band which I thought was a great touch to add to the atmosphere.

After the Mariachi band it was time to be seated and the event began...

blog at the beach presentation

So in case you didn't know Ice Lolly are a leading holiday comparison website within the UK and they understand that bloggers have a lot of influence these days. People aren't just wanting to read a couple of Trip Advisor reviews and go, they want real people to go and tell them if a place is any good or not - this is where the blogger's come in.

Ice Lolly want to work with bloggers, big or small and they showed us some of their recent blogger campaigns. One of my favourite things about Ice Lolly was the fact that there wasn't just big name bloggers at the event, there was also some of us smaller ones aswell which was a great confidence booster.

  mexican fiesta decorations

Once we had learned a little bit about Ice Lolly it was time to listen to the guest speakers. First up was Kirsten Thompson from the Kooky Traveller with 'Rock your blog: Protect your brand and reputation'.

Basically she put the fear of God into us all by telling us that we can be sued if we use copyrighted images, that anyone can find out our information if we haven't chosen to buy a privacy setting when buying a domain name and that if your location isn't turned off on your phone, anyone could find out where you live. Pretty scary stuff right?

Despite it being a little bit shocking, Kirsten's talk was a real eye opener and I think a lot of us came out of her talk with a list of to do's for our blogs.

Plus did you know that direct messages on Twitter are actually a breach of the law? Yep, not only do they do your head in, they're also not allowed. SO DON'T SET ONE UP GUYS.

(If you want more on information on all of this I do believe that Kirsten said she would be putting the slides up on her blog!)


After a dinner of taco's, nacho's and these amazing spicy sausage things it was time for a talk with Mi Elfverson of The Vlog Academy (From Blogger to Vlogger).

 Mi is a Swedish video producer who has been working in the industry for 25 years. She's passionate about Vlogging and believes that anybody can do it, even if they don't have the fancy schmancy equipment.

After a really, really awkward moment where she made us do our own mini Vlog (mine is just two minutes of me laughing) , Mi went on to explain that you can vlog even if all you have is a smartphone (Although she does advise that you buy a Bluetooth selfie stick and a plug in microphone so you have good angles and great sound).

I will probably never be a Vlogger as I find my voice really annoying but if any of you reading this are thinking of doing, Mi's best tips were to maintain eye contact, be confident and most of all be yourself.

Oh and keep it short. Noone wants to watch ten minutes of you warbling on!

slideshow with olaf

The third and final talk was with Sabina Trojanova of GirlVSGlobe and was called 'How to build a snowcial following'.

Sabina was a great talker and did a fab job of keeping us all laughing and keeping us all engaged. The main point of her talk was obviously building up a following and creating a connection with your readers.

The talk was divided into three parts with each part under a different headline -Friend, Inspiration, Guide (FIG) and was peppered with pictures of Frozen characters to keep things cute. To begin with Sabina brought us all down to Earth by telling us there are more than 150 million blogs with 4 million posts being published daily. She then asked us what made us so special and how could we incorporate this into our blog.

She stressed the importance of having being yourself and writing personal posts that readers can relate too. It's all about keeping the blog clean, having nice photography and taking the time to speak to readers and engage with them. You also want to inspire people with original stories, not rip people off or bore them to death (which if I carry on I'm in danger of doing - Sorry!)

Sabina wrapped it up by saying we should also be a guide, we should share our wisdom not just hide it away. We should always try and educate ourselves and build relationships with other bloggers. In fact relationships with other bloggers are vital and we should be attending meet ups, being active in facebook groups and collaborating with one another.

I think all of us came out feeling very inspired to write and if anyone fancies a collaboration comment below or e-mail me! (

mariachi band

I left the event after the final talk due to a splitting headache but I left feeling really positive about my blog. It may not be the biggest blog in the world but it's mine and I'm looking forward to making a few tweaks to it and seeing where it can take me.

Did any of you guys come to Blog at the Beach? Did you have a good time? (I would have been far to awkward to come say hi to you in person!)

Thank you Ice Lolly! (They didn't ask us to share our event experience on our blogs FYI but it was such a good day why wouldn't we??)

PS Please excuse my rubbish photos, I didn't realise how rubbish they were until I was already on the train back to Harrogate.

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Monday, 2 May 2016

#TravelBloggerProblems - The Link Up

Well hello there and happy bank holiday! It's pretty awesome having an extra day to do nothing (or something if you aren't lazy like I am) so today I'm taking part in the Travel Link Up. This month's theme is Travel Blogger Problems* and you can find out more about it here.
1. Falling in love with dogs all over the world and not being able to take any of them home.
It wasn't so bad in Australia as the dogs are weirdly wary of you there but in Thailand approximately 733099 dogs stole my heart. This little guy was on the AC snorkel boat on Koh Tao and was the cutest, naughtiest little guy ever. Then there was the little black & white puppy in Pai, the litter that lived down the road in Chiang Mai...the list is never ending.
2. Getting half way through your meal before remembering you should have taken a photo for your blog.
I will never be one of those people who takes photo's of their food for instagram or does food reviews because quite simply, I'm a little piggy and I enjoy eating my food whilst it's still hot. I remember half way through and it doesn't look quite as nice by then. Oops.
3. Feeling like a knob trying to take pictures of yourself.
It's not so bad when you have a willing boyfriend to take photos of you but you still feeling like an idiot trying to get photos of yourself leaning casually over a rail whilst gazing at the ocean. In fact I hated it that much that I gave up and now I just use all the stupid pics of me pulling faces and doing silly poses - Much more realistic.
4. Wishing you had a rucksack full of beautiful holiday clothes instead of well worn shorts and t shirts.
We all want to look super polished and pulled together when taking photos of ourselves for our blogs but when you're backpacking in a hot country the reality is you're tired, you're sweaty, your legs are covered in mosquito bites and the clothes you have are probably well worn and crumpled. Not exactly #Goals.
5. The constant urge to book another holiday or city break.
Every single day I text Jody saying 'Oh we should go here!' or 'Oh my God look how cheap it is to go to XXX!'. Reading other people's travel blogs just fans the fire even more and despite the fact I'm saving for a mortgage, I am DYING to get another country ticked off the list. (Although this problem doesn't apply exclusively to travel bloggers!)
Check out EmmaAngieJessi or Lauren's blogs to read some more #TravelBloggerProblems and find other bloggers posts. You have until the 7th of May to take part and remember sharing is caring - Tweet or Pin your favourite posts, or just leave a comment letting them know how much you enjoyed what they had to say.
Do you guys have anything else to add to the list?
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* Obviously these aren't exactly 'real' problems. I'm super lucky to have been able to go to the places I've been too and I've got a pretty sweet life.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #12

Happy Sunday guys! How great does it feel knowing that we don't have work tomorrow? (Sorry guys who work in retail - It will fly by!).  I love the abundance of bank holidays we get, they always seem to come around just as I'm starting to get fed up of work and start contemplating using my holiday allowance unwisely. I'm not sure what I'm doing with my extra day yet but I'm sure I will be watching ep2 of Game of Thrones!

Speaking of Game of Thrones did anybody watch it? I LOVE GoT but the first episode left me feeling a little bit meh. I know there's still like 10zillion characters and they have to reintroduce them but I hope episode 2 is a little bit meatier - AND THAT THEY BRING BACK JON SNOW <3 <3

Tuesday meant a dreaded visit to the dentist and as I picked a late appointment (for some stupid reason) I spent the day dreading it and feeling sick. Turns out I had nothing to worry about - something I knew deep down - and was in and out pretty quickly. I've also got a mouthguard now 'cos I grind my teeth in my sleep so I look really cool at bedtime.

I had to take my 5mm earplug out this week which was quite sad for me as I've had it in since I was 15. For some reason it just started to go all red and itchy despite the fact it's been in for nearly ten years and it's cleaned regularly...Has this happened to any of you guys?

Please tell me that you guys watched Line of Duty? The 90 minute finale ended on Thursday and to say I was on the edge of my seat is an understatement. I was texting my mum all the emojiis, shouting at the telly and every 5 minutes I had to remind my self that it's not real. Ooops.

I spent Friday night with all my friends for someone's 90's themed birthday party. I dressed as Draco Malfoy and was accompanied by Eminem of the chainsaw era. It was great seeing all my friends in one place as it never happens anymore (jobs, houses, kids, etc) but due to some drama between some of my mates, we left early so we didn't get dragged into any arguments - shame really cos it was a really fun night up until that point.

How has you week been? Did anything spectacular happen?