Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Sunday Catch up #9

I didn't take any decent pictures this week for some reason (honestly I probs couldn't be arsed) so here's some jazzy wallpaper I found in a pub toilet. This week's been alright - Nout to report really and I haven't really churned out any posts either. I've brainstormed a few this weekend that I think are good 'uns though so looking forward to sharing them in the upcoming week!

If you read my post on Thursday you will see that I'm not hopping on a plane this year (at this moment in time anyways) BUT I have made it my mission to see as much as the UK as possible. We went to Lake Windermere yesterday (despite it pissing down) and even though it was a grim day we had a nice mooch about and a good old pub lunch. Again, no photos, the rain didn't exactly make a good backdrop.

In keeping with the seeing all of the UK theme, we've decided to go to Scotland next weekend! It's Jody's 27th on Thursday so we decided last minute that we're going to load up the car and head to Fort William. We're planning on going kayaking (please pray to the weather Gods for us) and getting a ski lift up to the summit of Ben Nevis - I think it's still a bit to snowy and dangerous to get up to the top on foot!

In Tv news, it's official, I'm addicted to Sons of Anarchy. I tried watching Series one before I went to Oz and thought it was rubbish but last week Jody watched it again and told me I HAD TO get on board. I dipped in and out but around S2:E3 I started to get fully invested in it - Now I can't stop watching it. Thank you Netflix.

And that's all from this week! Hope everyone's had a wicked good week!

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  1. I was going to say I'm jealous of Scotland but then thinking of the weather maybe not haha! Hownlong does take to get there? It was raining when I went to Windermere too boo hoo! x
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. I've been watching the weather forecast like a hwak, so far it's looking ok - Bit cloudy but not much rain. It's going to take 6 hours to get up there but me and my boyfriend can share the driving this time, when we last went up I had to do it all because he hadn't passed his test!