Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Surviving a 6 hour car road trip with your SO

This weekend Mr Blondie and I hopped in our little fiesta and made the 6 hours/300mile journey to Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. I've written before about surviving a week in a campervan with your partner and now it's time for tips on how to survive a road trip together.

Pack plenty of snacks and drinks.
When I say there's nout worse than HANGER I mean it. It can cause arguments of epic propertions so make sure you are fully stocked up on starbursts and jelly beans. Plus if you stock up at the supermarket it will be a millions times cheaper than at the roadside services. Maybe take some apples and nanas too to try squeeze in some goodness. Make sure you drink plenty aswell because lack of fluids can lead to lack of concentration and that's not ideal when you're driving.

Have a wicked good collection of music.
Sometimes the conversation flows non stop and sometimes you just want peace and quiet. Make sure you have a good playlist on your phone or a great CD collection to fill in the gaps between convos. Let's have it right, the radio's a bit rubbish and repetitive these days so decent tunes are a must. I recommend having a mass sing a long to help keep the mood light.

Make regular pitstops so you can stretch your legs.
Now don't go spending all your pennies at the service stations because you will be broke before you've even got to your destination. Do make sure you get out regularly for a walk about though so your legs don't seize up and your back doesn't ache. You don't want to be sore for the rest of your trip do you?

Dress comfortably.
Again, if you're uncomfortable chances are you will get snappy and irritable and your road trip buddy which isn't exactly fair. Wear leggings or trackies (or even loose jeans) to make sure your waistband isn't rubbing on your tummy. Make sure you have good driving footwear and layers (you're buddy might not want the air con/heating on like you do!).

Take a sat nav.
One of the number one causes of all car based arguments is directions. Maybe someone hasn't been paying attention to Google Maps or you were singing so loudly you didn't hear it? Taking a Sat Nav means you can only really get angry with the machine and not with each other AND it will re-route if you do happen to mis read it. Plus google maps wears your battery down dead fast and if you are doing a scenic route you will want to save it for some road side pics!

Have you ever been on a road trip with your partner before? Or what about a road trip with your BFF's or kids? How was it?


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