Thursday, 21 April 2016

How to be a good dorm mate

To the two computer whizzes who had never heard of deoderant, the German BFF's who kept me up every night partying and giggling, to the drunkard of an undetermined nationality who thought it was appropriate to go to bed in the bunk above us with an open water bottle (You can guess how that panned out)...This post is dedicated to you.

1. Thou shall not, under any circumstances, sit on someone elses bed...Even if it is the bottom bunk and you're stuck on a top one.

2. If one has pongy feet do everyone a favour and leave your shoes outside the door (If you can)

3. Please for the love of God don't turn on the light after midnight.

4. If you happen to be going out, make sure you have everything you need out of your locker - Trust me you won't have very happy dorm mates if you wake them up looking for stuff.

5. Don't invite strangers back to the room after a night out. Drunken conversations are the worst, especially when you are in bed and have work/want to sleep.

6. Keep an eye on your personal hygiene. Noone wants a stinky roommate.

7. Don't think it's okay to borrow your dorm mates stuff. It's never okay unless you have permission.

8. Keep your belongings in a nice tidy pile, close to your bed.

9. Don't keep any 'herbal remedies' in your locker because it doesn't smell nice and we all know it's in there.

10. No cheeky fumbles.  Either make sure nobody else is in the room or go to the bathroom if you want to do the dance with no pants. Noone wants to hear that shit.

Have you ever been guilty of any of these? Comment below!

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