Monday, 18 April 2016

5 tips for getting a backpacker job in Australia

When I crash landed in Australia I thought it would be really easy to get work. I'd been emailing with a hair salon in Perth before I arrived and had a trial set up for a few weeks after my arrival. Sadly (for me), they didn't want someone at my level, on my visa so I had to look for another job in the administrative field, as I had prior experience in this area.

Getting a job in Australia (and I imagine any other country) is pretty hard even if you do speak fluent English and have a great CV full of fab references. Sometimes your CV might not be right, they may not want someone who is going to be moving on so quick or you are quite simply not the right fit - Well never fear here are some handy tips and tricks for getting a job on your working holiday visa.

Have your CV in the right format.
I wrote a WHOLE POST about writing a CV for Aussie employers and you can find it here. Basically Aussie employers are a lot more interested in your previous jobs being listed from most recent to least recent. Makes a lot more sense really when you think about it right? Also, rather than writing a paragraph about your job role, use bullet points to keep it short and to the point. It makes for a much more stream lined CV and future employers can pick out key information quickly.

Use SEEK, facebook groups or recruitment agencies.
What kind of job you want will influence how you apply for it. For example if you are looking for temporary office work (the big bucks) you would be better off sending your CV to a few recruitment agencies. If you are looking for bar work you should be dropping off CV's in person or applying through the companies websites. Use Gumtree and Facebook to find regional/construction work and then use recruitment websites like SEEK for teaching jobs. Try a mash up of techniques and you will find yourself working within a few weeks. Some people will apply for a couple of jobs online and think that's enough but tbh 95% of the time it just isn't, especially as a backpacker looking for work.

If you are in a hostel keep an eye on the notice board.
You wouldn't believe how many small business owners go into hostels looking for workers and that's actually how Jody found one of the jobs that he had in Sydney. Even better, get yourself to a working hostel in regional Oz and they will help find you farm work that will count towards your second year visa - Money and days ticked off, win win!

Don't go in looking like a backpacker.
This one goes without saying really. You wouldn't wear your scruffs to an interview at home so why would you do it while you were travelling? Even if it's a job on a farm at least wear a nice pair of jeans and a good shirt to try and make an impression. As the old saying goes, first impressions do count!

Apply for any certificates or cards you may need when you arrive.

 Depending on what it is you do, you may need some additional Aussie certificates to allow you to work certain jobs. For example, if you work with children you may need a working with children card/check, if you work with alcohol you will need a Responsible Serving of Alcohol certificate and if you want to work in construction you will need a whitecard. Get these before you go or just after you arrive so you don't have to mess around getting them later on (and you can put them on your CV for bonus points!). If you have any UK qualifications don't forget to take copies of your certificates with you either as they might ask to see them!

If you are in Australia and the moment and you're looking to get a whitecard, a RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) certificate or a RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling) certificate then you are in luck as Express Online Training are currently offering Alright Blondie readers discounts on their courses to get you started. The great thing is that you can pay after you pass - Meaning if you change your mind (or get a job that doesn't need any certs) it doesn't cost you a thing. Click on the links below to get started!*

White Card for working safely in the Construction Industry, $39 AUD (was $59 AUD).
RSA Certificate for working with alcohol, $17 AUD (was $49 AUD)
RSG Certificate for working in gambling services, $17 AUD (was $49 AUD)

So there you have my 5 tips for getting a backpacker job in Australia? Do you have any other tips or tricks that could come in handy for other backpackers out there?

* This post was written in partnership with Express Online Training after doing considerable research into their company, what they do and what they offer. I received no payments or rewards for working with them and I will not benefit in any way if you do decide to undertake any training with them.

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