Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Things couples argue about.

Today was going to be a post about my favourite place in Thailand but tbh I'm really struggling to find the words to describe it because I loved it so much. Instead you're getting a load of random, stupid things that couples argue about.

Each others driving skills. Directions. What to have for tea. Being sat on the TV remote. Whos turn it is to take the bins out. Answering the door. Turning the heating on. Mystery ASOS parcels. Going out. Staying In. Wether you should walk or get a taxi home from the pub. Spending money. Not having any money. Watching football. Which box set to start next. Getting too invested in KUWTK/Dont tell the Bride. Mornings. Alarm Clocks. The house being too hot. The house being too cold. Stealing socks.

Do you agree with these or have any more to add to the list?


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