Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Sunday Catch up #8

lindt gold bunny
Happy Easter you wonderful human beings! I hope everyone has a cracking day (lol) and eats so much chocolate they feel a little bit sick. As a 24 year old woman you would think I wouldn't really receive many Easter eggs but I actually ended up with six. This blatently means I have to eat them all today and tomorrow so my healthy (ish) eating can start fresh on Tuesday! Right?
On Monday I got a text from Jody saying ' Don't panic but I'm going to hospital, I'll be fine'. Obvs I did the natural thing and panicked so after a rushed phone call I found out a bit of steel had gone into his leg and he was bleeding profusely. After some injections and glue he found out if it had been 2cm deeper it would have hit an artery and he'd have been in big trouble. A bit higher and he'd have lost part of his 'little man'. He was pretty lucky and like the tough cookie he is, he ended up going back to work for the day - I won't be whinging about Mondays again for a while!

To celebrate the start of the long weekend Jody and I ended up going out on Thursday night - Me to a girls night and him to a poker match. I didn't drink too much but I still ended up feeling like death by midnight, I think my drinking days are almost definitely over. It was Jody who ended up with the hangover though instead of me and I was secretly quite chuffed as he's usually fine after a night out - How the tables have turned.

sesame street primark pjs

I got paid on Thursday which was really nice BUT it does mean its a whole five weeks until my next payday. I've put half into my savings account, paid my bills and the other half is to get me through the month. I'm feeling really good about how my savings are coming along and I think we will be moved out in no time. I had a bit of a Primark splurge yesterday as I needed some bits but who wouldn't be tempted by their PJ range?

I also received my Lucky Dip Club box on Thursday which I was pretty made up with. It's the first one I've got hold of due to me being away last year and I loved the bunny themed contents - More to come on that this week!

Hope everyone is making the most of the long weekend!
p.s PLEASE tell me that one of you watched Line of Duty?!? OMG dfJALKSHGwghwe


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