Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #7

easter egg nest
Okay so I'm already bored of my Sunday catch up format, oops. I don't know, I spose some weeks are just more boring than others and I don't do anything or I don't listen to music or whatever.

Happy 1st day of Spring! How nice is it going to be to get an extra hour of light every evening? I really hope this means the weather is going to sort it's act out, I'm currently craving some Vitamin D so I'm hoping a bit of sunshine is on it's way.

This weekend I managed to stay in ALL weekend, despite numerous offers to go out and have a few drinks. I seem to spend so much money when I go out and it's just not worth it. Instead we went for a 3 course meal at a local restaurant on Friday as Jody and I have been together 6 (!!) years. To be honest we never really celebrate anniversaries but we thought it was a great excuse to avoid going out.

My fantastic Nannie works at the cinema and very kindly got us tickets to go see preview showings of Disney's Zootropolis. It is such a great movie and I think everyone should go see it, wether they have kids or not. We are suckers for talking animal movies and this one was so clever and funny - We are normally pretty good at guessing plot twists but we didn't get this one.

pobble and ping pencils
Next weekend's Easter weekend and I'm lucky to have both Friday and Monday off work. I don't have any plans yet but as it's also payday I'm hoping to get some money whacked into my savings so we can move out in a few months time. One thing I'm definitely going to buy though is a new pair of jeans as currently I'm only rocking the one pair. Maybe some Topshop Mom Jeans?
I'm in a pretty good place at the moment. I'm making decent ish money and I'm happy in my work, my savings pot is slowly growing so moving out will soon be on the cards and I'm quite happy in general. I'm still dying to book some kind of holiday though and the money in my savings is secretly burning a hole in my pocket (I can still save whilst I spend a week in a campervan in Ireland right? Or a weekend in Copenhagen?)
How are you guys? Looking forward to the long weekend and some lighter days?

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  1. Long weekends are the best and when a Monday's an off I FEEL LIKE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

    Not Your Type Blog

  2. Buying some Topshop jeans sounds like a great idea, you can never go wrong with that! If you want to travel for free you could do couchsurfing or workaway. ;) x

  3. sounds like you're definitely in a good place right now and a weekend in Copenhagen sounds amazing! i really want to see zootopia, good to hear it's a good one!