Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #6

Today Yorkshire has finally had a little bit of sunshine. Temperatures have reached THIRTEEN DEGREES - I know amazing. The daffodils are starting to peep out and all the baby animals are starting to make appearances. Cos I couldn't get some nice pictures of the Yorkshire countryside I've included some photos of the Western Australian countryside - It's practically the same right?

Watching: How crap is TV at the moment? And The Secret Life of the Zoo finished this week and it was the best thing on the box. I did watch that 41 dogs and counting on channel 5 on Saturday night and wtf!? I love dogs as much as the next person but 41? Good for her though if she's happy I guess.

Buying: I have been so, so good this week. I'm on a self imposed spending ban and I'm doing okay. I'm taking my lunches into work so I don't have to spend money on sandwiches and I'm avoiding ASOS like the plague.

Listening to: NWA and Eminem. Im so gangsta. I am a great rapper though.

Netflixing: I haven't watched much Netflix this week either, how bizarre. I did finish Grace and Frankie though, what a great series.

Using: I found an old Urban Decay palette that I've had for yonks. I know you're meant to bin make up after a certain time but meh be right. it's full of really bright colours and I've been using them to jazz up my lash line.

Doing: Jody and I decided that we spend too many weeknights sat at home watching telly so we have decided to devote one night a week to a 'date night' if you will. This week we went bowling and despite the fact I used to be quite good, I sucked balls. Still had fun though.

And 3 little things? Barry M speedy nail varnish, pretty white snowdrops and all the cute little baby lambs. Aww.

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Hope everybody had a cracking week!

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