Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #4

Good Morning! And how are we all on this wonderful Sunday? Pictured above is my Mum's Border Terrier puppy, Tilly, She's so adorable but extremely cheeky - But look at that face! This week's been a good un. I've been paid upfront, I've spent time with my friends and family and the weather hasn't been too wet and miserable.
We've bought ourselves a lovely little car but we can't drive it until Tuesday (Tax reasons) so today I'm borrowing my Mum's car for a jaunt out to Monks Cross shopping centre near York. It feels good knowing we finally have our own transport and next on the list is somewhere to live, just the two of us.
Anyways, this week... 

Watching: Aww mate, we recorded Catherine Tate's Nan-ger Management on Friday night and it is hilarious. Try catch it on BBC Iplayer if you are into that kinda vulgar humour. I'm going to see Deadpool today so expect to see some kind of review on here at some point.

Buying: Tickets for The View! If you don't know, The View are a Scottish indie/rock band and are one of my all time favourites. When their new album Rope Walk came out we were in Australia so we thought we had missed the tour but low and behold they are doing another!

Listening to: After Lorde's awesome David Bowie tribute to The Brits I've been listening to her back catalogue. She's great isn't she and so young!

Netflixing: I've finally finished Making a Murderer, and whilst I didn't get really stuck into it like a lot of people did, I still enjoyed it. I'm not sure how I feel about Steven Avery but I don't think Brendan Dassey had a lot (if anything) to do with the poor woman's murder. Plus the Manitiwoc police department are sketchy as.

Reading: Nothing, I'm rubbish. I used to get really stuck into books but I'm struggling at the moment. I subscribed to the Lonely Planet magazine though so when I get a spare 5 minutes I'll be giving that a read.

Doing: Working, obviously. Last Sunday we went for a meal for my Auntie's 40th and the food was so, so good. I had pate to start followed by a chicken dinner and it was pretty yummy. My favourite activities are one's that involve food.

And 3 little things?: Adele's accent, new cloud like pillows and smooth orange juice.

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