Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #3

yru pumps with a tiger on
Yo yo yo how are we all? After yesterday's slightly miserable post I've woken up feeling much better. We have our eyes on a car and if all goes well we will most likely be adventuring all over the UK on a weekend.
I started at work on Thursday and it felt so great knowing that I already new everyone I was working with, I knew the computer system and I knew most of the position - There's nothing worse than the new job nerves is there?
It's been a pretty good week overall but Thailand and Australia are slowly starting to feel like a dream, it's as if I've never been away.
Anyway, this week...
Watching: If you can't tell from this post I'm watching Parks and Recreation again! Everything about it is amazing. I've been catching up with 50 ways to kill your Mammy on Sky On Demand aswell which is probably a bad idea considering how itchy my feet are at the moment.
Buying: These little YRU tiger pumps. I got them for £14.99 on Amazon but they should have been £45. I'm a sucker for some quirky footwear and these fit the criteria perfectly.
Listening to: The Weekend's album, 'Beauty behind the Madness'. He was massive in Australia and I liked the odd song that I heard but since getting home I've been listening to his album on Spotify and it's wicked. His performance at the Grammys was fab.

Yorkshire sunset
Netflixing: I haven't watched much Netflix this week, shock horror I know.
Reading: I've started reading Drew Barrymore's Wildflower. Rather than being a straightforward autobiography, it's a Lena Dunham style collection of essays. The reviews described her writing as a bit erratic but I really like her style.
Doing: I started work again (Yay money!) and I've spent my weekend lying around after an exhausting two days at work (LOL). Jody's spent his weekend looking at cars so hopefully next weekend we will be able to squeeze in a mini trip somewhere.
Using: My tangle teezer and invisibobbles. My hair's damaged from bleaching it when I got home and my tangle teezer makes brushing my hair a helluva lot easier. If you haven't got invisibobbles GET THEM...Seriously they will change yo life.
And 3 little things? Topshop blusher, the smell of fish and chips and having the good side of the bed.
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