The Sunday Catch Up #1

asos mayor glitter point shoes

Happy Sunday! I used to do a series called ‘Lately I Love’ but that kind of fizzled out ‘cos I’m lazy. I’ve decided to bring back a Sunday post with some titbits from the week that was and hope that you enjoy it!
Today marks two weeks since arriving back in the UK and yes, I’m still happy that I’m home. At the moment I’m trying to pull my life back together and on the hunt for a job. Once I’ve got a job I can start saving for a house and *maybe* a trip to Europe in April – Just because I’m home after a 13 month trip doesn’t mean I have to stop travelling altogether does it?
Watching: I’ve been trying to catch up with Girls series 4 as series 5 starts at the end of the month. When I first started watching it I wasn’t a fan but it’s really grown on me. I also watched The Secret Life of the Zoo on Channel 4 – Chester Zoo is one of my happy places so I loved seeing behind the scenes!

Buying: Luckily I got a superannuation refund from Oz as well as some Christmas money so I don’t have to worry too much about a job at the moment. As it was my xmas money, I bought myself these rather jazzy shoes from ASOS, this Sweet Cheeks pin and this Majestic Unicorn pin…But that’s it now, no more spending.

Listening to: Our local pub has a new jukebox and you can get any song you like on it – Like The View and The Courteeners! As I don’t have a commute at the moment I haven’t really been listening to much music but I’m really enjoying listening to the radio again and knowing who the artists are.
lee stafford coco loco

Netflixing: Yeah, yeah I’ve done a ‘watching’ section but I think Netflix deserves it’s own doesn’t it? I’ve finally resubscribed and I’m getting well stuck into Making A Murderer – It’s making me so mad, the case is just so dodgy! I’m also loving Grace and Frankie starring Jane Fonda – It’s about two women whose husbands are leaving them…For each other!

Reading: I just finished reading ‘After You’ by JoJo Moyes. I didn’t think Me Before You really needed a sequel but I actually really enjoyed seeing how all the characters were getting on. I’m just about to start ‘Wildflower’ by Drew Barrymore.

Doing: Applying for jobs! I’ve signed up to a few agencies, had a few interviews and I’m also waiting to see if I can have my old job back. I’ve also finally had my roots done and my hair’s no longer a multi coloured mess AND I’ve had my eyebrows plucked for the first time in over a year.

Using: I had a voucher left over (from Christmas 2014!) so I popped into Boots to get something to help make brushing my bird nest like hair easier. I came out with Lee Stafford’s CoCo Loco coconut spritz and it’s really making a difference.

And Three little things?: Singing along to Oasis in the pub, listening to the wind and rain whilst I’m snuggled up in bed and my Skinnydip Angel Pug phone case.

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