Want to get a tattoo in Thailand? Here’s some things to consider

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Jody’s been hoping to get a new tattoo for ages but he hasn’t been able to find an artist who he thinks would do his idea justice. When we were in Chiang Mai we were looking into it and found a tattoo artist named Mink, who was three hours away in Pai. After looking through his work on facebook we decided to make the perilous journey* to Cross Tattoo Studio.
When you decide to get a tattoo abroad you are always taking a risk. The health and safety of the studio might be questionable, needles might be re-used and the artist might not be that good but when we walked into Mink’s studio we knew we had found a good spot.
Mink was really excited about doing something a bit different that wasn’t related to Thailand (Buddha, tigers, elephants, etc). In fact he was that looking forward to doing it Jody was booked in for the next day. As you can see the tattoo turned out fantastic and it cost half the price it would have cost in the UK.
Some things to consider when getting a tattoo in Thailand:
– Do your research. Does the tattoo artist have a facebook page or website with good reviews on? Do they have a good portfolio of work?
– Check out the studio first. Is their other people in there? What are the conditions like? Does it look clean?
– Don’t rush into it. Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean you should get a tattoo without any consideration of what to get. Really think about it.
– When you decide what you want, take some images with you. The tattoo artist may not speak good English and you want to make sure you are on the same page.
– Consider aftercare. Are you doing things where your new tattoo might get dirty or wet i.e snorkelling or trekking? Have this in mind when you get your tattoo and allow time for it too heal. Follow the artist’s aftercare advice to keep it clean and always allow at least a week before submerging your tattoo in water ( even then you can apply a tonne of Vaseline to it to help preserve the work).
Find Mink and Cross Tattoo studio on Facebook.
DISCLAIMER: Tattoos are something that Jody and I are both interested in. I have three relatively small ones and Jody has two quite large ones. My Dad is covered in them and I’ve grown up watching him getting tattoo after tattoo. HOWEVER I am not a professional so always consult a credible tattoo artist for advice.
* Seriously, the road to Pai is through the mountains and has 762 bends.


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