Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Punky Pins Appreciation

When I was 15 and in the middle of my still slightly on going emo phase I discovered Punky Pins in a tiny little shop called Fabric Junkie in the Leeds Corn Exchange. I went home and had a look on their website and fell in love. I ordered everything to do with jewellery making they had and dreamed of selling my own bits and pieces...Then I forgot all about my dream and Punky Pins and spent the next few years dicking around.
Fast forward 9 (!!!!) years and I've rediscovered Punky Pins who are still quirky and cute but with a more grown up vibe. As an avid collector or lapel pins and badges - Seriously I have loads from travelling and holidays - Punky Pins is right up my street for alternative, fun pins that look amazing on my denim jacket.

The two pins I picked are a *little* bit naughty but are small enough that you can only really tell what they are if you have a serious squint.

Sweet Cheeks pin - £6
How cute is this pin? It's a little bit risqué I guess but it's so unique. How many people do you know with bum pins on their lapel? This pin is super small but the detail the designers have managed to squeeze onto it is amazing.

Majestic As F*** Unicorn pin - £5
Yep it's a unicorn and yep it says Majestic as F***. This pin is just totally badass with heaps of colour and a pretty empowering slogan. Again it's so detailed and so pretty! They've just restocked so if you want one get in there quick!
Second class shipping cost me £2.50 and the pins arrived at my house within a week.



  1. Haha, digging those sweet cheeks! :)

    1. I love it, it's so cute. I love it when people lean in to see what it is and then they're like '....Oh'.