Saturday, 20 February 2016

One month on: The Post Travel Blues

Busselton Sunrise

Sunrise at Busselton Jetty, WA

Tomorrow I will have been home from my whirlwind year away for a month. Time flies huh?

This week I've found myself googling flights and browsing the travel hashtag on Instagram almost religiously. Yorkshire is my home, always will be, and I love being near to my family again but knowing I have no set plans to go anywhere for a while is weird.

I've spent a year going wherever I want, doing whatever I want and now I'm back in the exact same position I was in before I left - Same job, same house, no car. The independence I found whilst I was travelling has been stripped away and I'm already dying to get back out into the big wide world (Although not long term, don't worry Mum).

But for now I'm going to get into my comfiest PJ's, stick Harry Potter on and snuggle up under my duvet. I know this funk will pass and that there will be more trips but at the moment I'm all meh. Maybe it's the rain?

How do you guys deal with the post travel blues?



  1. Oh man , I feel your pain! Or at least I did. I think I was only home like 2 weeks after being abroad in Paris until I was SO ready to leave again.. So within the past month I've taken another 11 flights and here I am in Sydney, Australia on a working holiday! I don't cope with the post travel blues very well ... It led me into an actual binge eating disorder where I would use food to cope with my sadness.. Not good at all!

    1. No that sounds awful, I hope everything is better now? I'm finding it a lot easier now I'm in a routine of working again. I have things planned for the next couple of months which is a welcome distraction!