How it feels to be home

rain in yorkshire
This time two weeks ago I was on Koh Tao with a uniform of shorts and bikini top and a daily schedule of eat, beach, sleep.  Now I’m back in Yorkshire, wearing pajamas for most of the day and making sure I’m up in time for Jeremy Kyle – And I’m kinda loving it.
Everyone keeps asking me if I’m glad to be back to the cold, wet and windy weather and when I answer yes, they look at me like I’m completely mental. But you know what? I genuinely am over the moon to be home.
I’ve really missed my family, friends and my dogs (pictured below) and I didn’t realise just how much I’d missed normality. After backpacking and living in hostels, I’ve come to fully appreciate having my my own room, only having to share a bathroom with Jody’s parents and being able to put all my belongings into a wardrobe rather than carting it around in a rucksack.
I was really worried that I would come home and instantly regret it, but for now I’m enjoying being back in Yorkshire, catching up with everyone and eating as much stodgy food as I can handle. Sure I don’t have a job, car or my own home but those things will come in time.
Have you guys got any coming home stories? Did you love it or hate it? Comment below!
border terriers
lakeland terrier, boo

alfie the border terrier

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