Sunday, 3 January 2016

What it's like to travel with bright pink hair

This is my hair. It's bright pink at the moment but for how long I dunno. I like to mix it up. Back home people don't really care about my daft hair colour 'cos everyone has daft hair but here people seem pretty intrigued.
Shopkeepers/Street sellers have an easy way to engage in conversation.
In Kuta, it was a constant 'Nice Hair', 'Thank you!', 'Come in my shop, I have top that matches'. Jody is actually sick of my hair - In Australia, we were constantly called on by charity collectors, in Asia it's shop owners. The compliments are nice and that but I'm a poor backpacker so please leave me alone.
People actually stop what they are doing and stare.
I've actually had a few people on motorbikes pull over to look at my hair. Street vendors often stop serving food to have a nosey. As long as it's because of my hair and not 'cos I have something on my face that's cool.
People stop and make conversation purely based on my hair colour.
Whilst shopkeepers stop me in the hope of making a sale, some people stop me and use it as a genuine conversation starter. They then hear my accent and for some reason can't wait to talk to me about where I'm from and where I'm going. It's quite nice 'cos we get to speak to more locals this way and find out about more cool places to go.
Kids like me here.
Kids don't like me. Seriously. Dunno what it is, maybe they can smell/sense the fear? Anyway here kids smile at me and wave at me and talk to me. Maybe they think I'm some kind of real life cartoon character.
Have any of you travelled with brightly coloured hair? How do people react?



  1. This is a great post! I also have pink hair and have experienced all of the above. Our tour guide in Sri Lanka asked me if it was 'natural colour' and I laughed because of course it's not natural! But he meant their natural colour - the dyes made from spices and woods. People are so intrigued and I had one kid point and shout 'crazy hair day!' at me. Yep kid, it's crazy hair day every day!

    1. I was asked if my hair was natural by a dude in Australia, oops. It's nice though, especially when people like it! Some kiwi once asked me if I was drunk when I did it which didn't go down well...