Don’t worry, I’m still alive


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I wanted to change up the content on Alright Blondie but instead of doing that, I stopped blogging altogether.

It wasn’t exactly intentional. I knew I wanted to start writing about other things but I wasn’t feeling inspired or motivated to do anything related to it. I didn’t want to spend hours at my laptop editing pictures and writing new articles that were half arsed so instead of churning out crap I just stopped for a few weeks.

Aswell as all that, I’ve also been having a shit load of fun so blogging kind of took a back seat. I’ve fallen in love with snorkelling, canoed through sea caves, got a badass tan, visited some unbelievably beautiful beaches, treated myself to two hour massages and Jody and I have been getting on amazingly well (Not that we didn’t already but Thailand’s been really good for us after spending 3 months in a Sydney hostel).

I have loads of photos and stories to share from Thailand aswell as a couple of other ideas for introducing new content. I want to change a couple of things like my header and menu bar but at the moment that’s all been pushed to the side so I can enjoy my last few days in Thailand before moving on to the next spot.

So this post was just to say, I’m still here, I’m still alive. I’m having loads of fun in Thailand and I’m busy cooking up some new ideas to perk up Alright Blondie. I hope you will bear with me while I’m sort of on hiatus and in the meantime, there is plenty of old posts to be having a nosy at!


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